Five truck trend takeaways from June
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Five truck trend takeaways from June

Let’s play a quick guessing game – I’ll give you a few facts and you try to guess what holiday I’m talking about. Okay, go!

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  1. An estimated 150 million hot dogs are consumed on this day
  2. Over 40% of people celebrate with the use of fireworks
  3. The first celebration of this holiday was in 1776

If you guessed Independence Day, you’d be correct! If not, maybe it’s time to crack open a U.S. history book… The barbecues, sunshine and sparklers are right around the corner, but before we jump into the long weekend, let’s take a look at some of the most popular stories from June you just don’t want to miss.

5. Don’t fall flat

Given that it is National Tire Safety week, it would only make sense to spotlight this episode of On The Road! Sharing some tricks of the trade, David provides some tire pressure tips to keep your trucks rolling and save you the headaches that result from bad fuel economy. Spare some time to check this out and you just may be able to avoid a spare later on.

4. It’s Grease Ford Lightning!

The EV trend is on an uphill climb, but it’s one that the Ford F-150 Lightning can take on.

Literally and figuratively.

While in Sonoma County, Ford Pro hosted a ride-and-drive event that put the FE team behind the wheel of the all new 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning battery electric truck. The steep hills and winding roads were no match for this EV due to its impressive performance, torque and range.

3. The decarbonization destination

With increased sustainability being a main objective for Cummins, the OEM has pulled out all the stops to reduce emissions through their products, innovative technology and the use of renewable fuel. While on-site at Cummins corporate headquarters, FE got to attend their “Destination Zero” meeting to discuss their path to more sustainable powertrain options.

From hydrogen fuel to electrification to natural gas, Cummins talks through their strategies and goals of each path.

2. Picture this…

The lineup of trucks at Vino Farms was just a small glance into what the day held. With a telematics presentation, up-close tour of the truck and panel discussion with the Ford Pro CEO, the Lightning Experience was full of information regarding sustainability, technology, and performance innovation. Take a closer look at the Ford F-150 electric truck, cab, charging stand and the iconic front trunk (frunk) in this photo gallery.

1. The value of Volvo VNR

The Volvo VNR electric is here with extended range capabilities. Setting the standard for sustainable operations, Volvo’s fuel-efficient trucks help ease the pain from supply chain shortages and the rising cost of diesel fuel. This five-part series takes you through the market demands, the ‘next generation’ of EVs, powertrain options, and operational style differences of the Volvo VNR with help from Volvo Trucks North America (VTNA) President Peter Voorhoeve.

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