How the heavy-duty trucking aftermarket meets demands

How the heavy-duty trucking aftermarket meets demands

Talking through the latest parts and technology trends impacting the aftermarket.

The heavy-duty trucking aftermarket, like all segments of the industry, is an evolution in progress. From data-driven e-commerce technology to supply chain challenges, the aftermarket has a foot firmly planted in delivering on relationship-based demands and another in investing in trucking technology that can speed up truck parts deliveries. So how are suppliers managing the change over to technology in an industry that still likes to pick up the phone and talk with someone?

“I look at it as a toolbox,” said David McCleave, director of aftermarket, Hendrickson. “Rich data content helps facilitate digital cataloging, but at the same time, I still need to use paper for some legacy products that are still in the lineup. Like a toolbox, you’re going to have an open-ended wrench, you’re going to have an adjustable wrench, you’re going to have a box wrench, and it just depends on which tool I’m going to use to get the job done.”

McCleave sat down to talk about the latest trends impacting the heavy-duty trucking aftermarket, from the aforementioned e-commerce to the role of virtual after-sales support when pandemic travel restrictions are in the rearview mirror. Watch the video for all of his insights.


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