TSE Brakes introduces TSE-Sense smart air brake actuator

TSE Brakes introduces TSE-Sense smart air brake actuator

TSE Brakes Inc., a worldwide producer and supplier of premium actuators and brake adjusters for the on-highway and specialty vehicle markets, launched its TSE-Sense smart air brake actuator. The system is comprised of smart brake actuators and a Data Integration Box (DIB), patent-pending TSE-Sense continuously monitors brake stroke at each wheel end. TSE-Sense can diagnose brake issues in real-time, including non-functioning brakes, dragging brakes, overstroke conditions, emergency spring failure, cross-axle brake imbalance and more. The TSE-Sense brake actuator measures the brake stroke of each actuator, monitors the emergency spring condition and logs the brake performance data in the DIB.

By performing brake diagnostic checks, it verifies that each actuator and the entire brake system is functioning properly. The proprietary software is used to analyze brake data for real-time response as well as for preventive diagnostics. The proper functioning of brake systems can be affected by inadequate maintenance and inspection procedures, which may lead to unscheduled repairs and downtime, increase fuel costs, higher operating costs and even accidents.

TSE-Sense can integrate into the tractor or trailer telematics monitoring system, the manufacturer noted. The collected data from each TSE-Sense smart brake actuator sends regular updates to the user interface, as well as providing real-time status for key parameters.

Having the ability to monitor the brake system will show patterns of behavior that can indicate brake safety issues. In addition, TSE Brakes detailed the systems capabilities:
• Increase fuel efficiency and reduce operating costs by reducing fuel usage by allowing customers to be aware of brake drag, which decreases wheel-end rolling resistance. Better rolling resistance allows for better fuel efficiency.
• Reduce unscheduled repairs and downtime by providing the capability to know if the pushrod stroke of each brake chamber is functioning properly. If the stroke length is increasing or is out of adjustment, repairs can be performed prior to failure and in a timely manner.
• Provide notice of “out of stroke” condition for the brake, a key item in every DOT inspection.
• Reduce accidents by enabling customers to identify and repair a brake issue before the issue impacts the brake systems function.
• Increase vehicle life.

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