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Tyrata demonstrates Drive-Over System for automated tire tread monitoring


Managing Editor of Fleet Equipment Magazine

Tyrata Inc. highlights new study results of its Drive-Over System (DOS) for automated tire tread monitoring. The DOS, which resembles a speed bump, collects the tire tread depth every time a vehicle passes over it. A recent study with the Durham City Transit Co. demonstrated a 12% efficiency improvement using automated monitoring, directly translating into fewer tires needing to be purchased, the company reports.

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In the study, DOS was able to eliminate manual tire measurements entirely while also extending the life of the tires. Tire tread usage was increased from 9.9 mm to 11.2 mm, even with all tires being maintained well above the U.S. Department of Transportation’s prescribed tire tread safety limits, Tyrata says.

Along with this efficiency improvement, Durham City Transit reduced tire requirements by 100 tires per year and eliminated the cost of manual inspection, resulting in estimated annual net savings of $60,000 for their 60-bus fleet with DOS.



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