UVeye touts A.I.-driven vehicle inspection systems
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UVeye touts A.I.-driven vehicle inspection systems


UVeye is providing fleet operators in the U.S. with a fast, accurate way to detect costly vehicle problems that often are missed by drivers and service technicians. UVeye’s vehicle scans use artificial intelligence, sensor fusion and high-tech camera systems to spot within seconds a wide range of issues ranging from worn tires to missing or defective underbody parts.

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A recent survey of UVeye customers showed that automated inspections can identify 96% of existing vehicle defects compared to just 24% for manual inspections, according to the company.

UVeye offers three high-speed vehicle-inspection systems that are suited for a variety of fleets, including final-mile delivery vans and trucks, as well as private, police, medical, rental, public transit, food delivery, school bus, taxi and municipal fleets. The rapid drive-through systems include:

  • Helios – An underbody scanner that detects a wide variety of problems including frame damage, missing parts and fluid leaks, as well as brake and exhaust-system issues.
  • Artemis – A system that checks tire quality. Within seconds it identifies tire brand, technical specifications, air pressure, tread depth, sidewall damage and whether or not a vehicle’s tires are mismatched.
  • Atlas – A 360-degree detection system that checks sheet metal and other external body components such as bumpers, door locks, grilles and windows.

Helios, Artemis and Atlas systems each create condition reports that detail inspection results. They are set up to accommodate a variety of vehicle sizes, from trucks to cars. Some fleet operators use all three products, while others focus on UVeye’s tire and underbody systems, the company explained.

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