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Value-added truck leasing



Leasing companies are quick to point out that a full-service lease helps fleets better control operations and costs. Most offer help with spec’ing and financing the right vehicle—and will include complete maintenance services. Some, like Penske Leasing, also offer to monitor changes and regulations from a variety of agencies to make sure your fleet is up-to-date and host seminars to keep you informed of major changes in regulations and maintenance processes.

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But we’ve just been made aware of another add-on, offered by PacLease, that gives fleets a complete telematics solution with their full-service vehicle lease. According to the company, the fleet management solution that also gives fleets the ability to track shipments on the road in real-time. Such  management solutions can be made very affordable since they are built into the full-service lease payment, the company noted. (See Truck leasing traceability for more on this solution.)

PeopleNet PerformX, which is the telematics solutions being offered by PacLease, is a driver and vehicle performance evolution tool that motors engine data in real-time. According to PeopleNet, the software helps fleets improve fuel efficiency through reduced idling time, increased miles per gallon and decreased over-RPM and speeding incidents. For example, when a vehicle is speeding or if it starts and stops suddenly, the fleet is immediately notified of the truck’s exact location.


In addition, the system gives fleet managers the ability to see engine performance data as it is captured. This means maintenance mangers don’t have to wait until the vehicle returns to the facility to retrieve engine diagnostic data. In addition, fleets can set an odometer alarm to schedule vehicle maintenance.

The PerformX solution provides customized reports to help fleet managers develop critical performance baselines relevant to the fleet and compare drivers across key measurements. The exception-based alarms help to improve vehicle and driver productivity.

Remote fault code monitoring allows for notification of urgent vehicle distress signals at virtually the same time they are indicated on the vehicle dashboard to the driver. This means that managers are able to make critical decisions, which could include a tow to respond to a roadside breakdown. Immediate knowledge of problems helps to prevent future potential problems.


OBDII capability is built into the PerformX system, which is designed to help keep driver and vehicle management consistent across the fleet. Its capability allows the vehicle-monitoring module of PeopleNet’s g3 solution, which draws data from the engine control module of the vehicle, to also be used on other vehicles including light trucks.

The other added-value of this leasing option is that fleets that have not experienced comprehensive management of vehicle telematics now have an opportunity to try it with a full-lease before purchasing it for other fleet vehicles.



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