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The value of used oil analysis

Managing Editor of Fleet Equipment Magazine

Fuels and lubes column

Oil manufacturers are quick to point to used oil analysis as a good practice for your fleet to ensure the health of your engine oil and related components. According to Dan Arcy, global OEM technical manager for Shell Lubricants, this is a scientific way to assess the condition of the lubricant in your engine and detect oil contamination or conditions within your engine that could cause premature wear and/or downtime.

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“The knowledge gained from a consistent oil analysis program can assist you in optimizing your oil drain interval, help increase equipment reliability, minimize unscheduled downtime and more precisely track operating efficiency and maintenance practices,” he says. “This combination can contribute to lowering total operating costs.”

Petro-Canada Lubricants also recommends used oil analysis, according to Darryl Purificati, OEM technical liaison. “This will help identify early warning signs of mechanical failure or increased engine wear so that they can be resolved before the problems become too serious or expensive to repair, as well as offering the potential to extend oil drain intervals and reduce maintenance requirements,” he elaborates. “Proper lubrication in conjunction with a used oil analysis program will help maximize the efficiency of the vehicle as a whole. This can improve the performance of all vehicle hardware and associated systems including the DPF.”

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