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Velociti announces technology maintenance program for trucks


Velociti Inc. has announced its new VelociCare program for post-deployment maintenance support of on-board technologies, including proactive system health monitoring, hardware repair and replacement and system upgrades.

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VelociCare is a subscription-based support program, providing customers with set pricing and the ability to accurately budget for on-board technology support. VelociCare can be customized based on a wide range of categories, but always includes its one-of-a-kind proactive system health monitoring feature, the company said. This feature automatically monitors real-time information about the performance of the supported technology and allows Velociti to resolve any situation quickly, based on the severity of the issue and the customer’s preferences, the company explained. For example, a malfunctioning ELD in a long-haul scenario is scheduled for repair as soon as possible, whereas an issue such as a system settings adjustment on a local-delivery scenario is typically addressed upon return of its delivery schedule for the day. In all cases, Velociti guarantees completion timeframes with a service-level agreement.

“Prior to the ELD mandate, having on-board technology systems working has been optional—it wasn’t thought of like tires or brakes, where you absolutely have to have it before going on the road. But now that’s changed,” said Deryk Powell, president of Velociti.

“The proactive nature of VelociCare allows for technology problems to be addressed before they get out of hand and become even more costly for the carrier,” Powell added. “We’re helping our customers eliminate the hidden downtime between system failure, the reporting of that failure, and finally the resolution.”


Velociti has been working with “the vast majority” of ELD providers, Powell said.

The VelociCare package also includes:

  • Web-based project management with real-time updates of any pending repairs;
  • System troubleshooting by Velociti’s tech support call center;
  • Inventory storage, shipping and staging;
  • User training;
  • Extended warranties.




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