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Watch: What to look for in truck scrap tire analysis


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Digging through your out-of-service tire pile and analyzing the causes of tire failures can show a fleet maintenance manager the major causes for their tires being out of service. This could lead to changes in maintenance procedures, revisiting removal tire tread depths and a number of other countermeasures that could result in increased tire life and reduced tire-running costs.

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Things to consider during a scrap tire analysis include applications, vocation, brand, type of service, wear—including the existence of unusual wear patterns—and the number of times that a tire has been retreaded, if applicable.

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Scrap tire analysis also can help indicate if the truck tire was properly maintained or if a fleet should consider adjusting its maintenance practices. And it can help fleets select tires with the right tread designs for their applications in the future.

Scrap tire data can highlight issues with routing, driver operation, the vehicle itself, the area in which it operates or even the application it’s tackling.

Most fleets run different brands of tires, so scrap tire analysis can assess the retreadability, or lack of retreadability, for makes and models. It can tell them how many times a casing can be retreaded and the best applications. By using the data from scrap tire analysis, it helps fleets get the most miles out of every casing and prevents a lot of problems before they happen.


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