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Volvo Trucks enables expanded video recorder, driver-facing camera with Bendix SafetyDirect


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Bendix announced the release of its fifth-generation SafetyDirect Processor (SDP5 Full) on the Volvo VNL, VNR, and VHD models. The SDP5 Full processor, delivering new capabilities for the online SafetyDirect platform by Bendix, enables features such as a digital video recorder (DVR) that continuously records up to 145 hours of streaming video from Bendix’s forward-facing camera; a new high-definition color driver-facing camera; and an internal battery backup to help prevent data loss.

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SafetyDirect is fully integrated with Volvo Active Driver Assist (VADA), the driver assistance system that utilizes Bendix’s collision mitigation technology, Bendix Wingman Fusion.

Bendix notes that the DVR function greatly expands the amount of information available to fleets.

“The SDP5 Base processor can constantly record up to 83 hours of video, while the new SDP5 Full version increases that capacity by 70%, to 145 hours, along with the addition of footage from the Bendix driver-facing camera, helping fleet managers better assess what happens both in front of and inside a vehicle,” said Hans Molin, Bendix director of connectivity. “Previously, SafetyDirect video recordings only used the VADA (Wingman Fusion) forward-facing camera, and the recording was limited to the seconds immediately before and after the event. And a DVR makes it possible to help fleet operators see even more of the circumstances leading up to or following an event.”


The SDP5 Full processor collects relevant data around triggered, severe events and ongoing driving through the VADA camera, the Bendix driver-facing camera, and the vehicle’s J1939 CAN Bus.

Molin also noted that in the past, lower-impact events might not have triggered the SafetyDirect video recording, which meant fleets had less information to work with when analyzing the occurrences. With the new SDP5 Full processing system, video will be accessible regardless of an event’s severity.

The SDP5 Full option is also equipped with an internal battery backup to help prevent data loss if the vehicle loses power. This battery can power the SDP5 Full processor for up to five minutes while data and video recordings are saved internally. Relaying in-progress data and video to the SafetyDirect server will continue throughout the up to five-minute window as long as the transmission channel remains active.


Bendix says that accessing the DVR video will be also possible truck-side when Bendix releases the SafetyDirect Mobile app, which will enable the user to log in to the system using the Wi-Fi connectivity to a mobile device. Additionally, with the click of a button, they can upload DVR footage to the SafetyDirect web portal for other authorized users and fleet managers to view.



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