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Werner Enterprises reduces downtime with its Breakdown Management solution


In March of 2020, Werner Enterprises Inc. launched Breakdown Management, a cloud-based solution that the carrier says simplifies repair processes and reduces downtime.

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Breakdown Management was developed by Werner EDGE, the innovation arm of Werner Enterprises, to advance the fleet’s performance. The in-cab, tablet-based solutions leverage on-board telematics for to support operations, safety and maintenance.

“Before this initiative, our breakdown management process was cumbersome, requiring 55 screens in separate systems to manage a single event,” relates Danny Lilley, vice president of product and engineering. “Now, with just three screens and with seamless communication between drivers and breakdown agents, the average wait time for drivers is down 50%, and agents are able to process events in under six minutes. The time savings that this system has provided allows for staff to handle more events in less time ensuring that our drivers get back on the road faster and safer.”


Through its Breakdown Management platform, Werner uses telematics information to facilitate repairs at the thousands of service locations in its extensive vendor database. Using a suite of custom APIs, communication about breakdowns is facilitated between drivers, the fleet’s breakdown team and its service providers. Adding warranty information further streamlines the process by determining where the vehicle will be serviced.

The Breakdown Management platform also enables the review of purchase orders and vendor estimates and invoices. In addition, it automates the creation of repair orders, which are fed into the fleet’s maintenance management software. The company is now planning to add inspection data as well.


“With this foundation, we’re looking at more ways to leverage and proactively use service telematics data from vehicles,” Lilley says. “This technology presents opportunities to shorten the time it takes to return a vehicle to service.”

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