'What's an e-fluid?' and other electric truck maintenance topics
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‘What’s an e-fluid?’ and other electric truck maintenance topics

Jason Morgan is the content director of Fleet Equipment.


We’re just beginning to understand the operational and maintenance nuances of electric trucks. They aren’t a one-to-one replacement for diesel-powered trucks. Even topics as innocuous as greases and fluids (yes, fluids are potentially still a part of electric trucks) require new considerations when running electric trucks. Case in point: Shell recently announced its line of e-fluids, and the question is: What’s an e-fluid? Is this a necessary component or flashy marketing?

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In talking with Selda Gunsel, vice president of technology at Shell, it’s clear that specialized trucks require specialized maintenance solutions. The grease and fluids used in and around electric trucks matter (just as they do in diesel trucks). For a better understanding of what electric trucks require and where electric powertrain technology is pushing component development, I connected with Gunsel. Watch the video above for all of the equipment insight.

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