What the Inflation Reduction Act means for fleet electrification plans
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What the Inflation Reduction Act means for fleet electrification plans

Jason Morgan is the content director of Fleet Equipment.


Could the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) be a turning point for trucking fleet electrification?

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Steve Koerner, vice president of policy, AMPLY Power (now a part of bp’s global electrification brand, bp pulse) sure thinks so. He called the IRA a “historic piece of legislation. … This is real. This is going to change the marketplace.”

That change comes in two forms: First are the tax credits for EV purchases; the second are tax credits for EV charging. The new legislation can be exciting and motivating, but also complicated and confusing. It’s packed with incentives and caveats. Koerner took the time to break it down, put it into focus for fleets and walk us through the ins and outs of the new legislation. He answers:


How much do you get for new commercial EV purchases?
How long is the credit available?
How much do you get for EV charging infrastructure?
Does it matter where EV charging infrastructure is installed?
What about other alternative fuel vehicles like natural gas and hydrogen internal combustion engines?

For the answers, watch the video above.

Additional EV insight from AMPLY Power

Making good on my mention of an EV charging infrastructure story I pulled together after a conversation earlier this year with AMPLY Power. Definitely wroth the read:

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