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What to look for in heavy-duty engine oils

By utilizing top-tier base stocks and additives, many of today’s motor oils can also allow a fleet to extend oil drain intervals.

Line-haul fleet managers are faced with the monumental task of decreasing operating costs while increasing uptime and efficiency. Choosing the right heavy-duty engine oil can assist in meeting this continuous challenge.

While OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) lubricant requirements vary, fuel economy gains can be found without violating OEM recommendations and without sacrificing protection. Technical Manager and Heavy-Duty Expert Jim Salmon of D-A Lubricant Co. discusses his company’s design in developing oil formulations necessary for durability and increased fuel economy. To achieve this, the oils go through significant testing and variations during development.

“The operating demands put on these engines today denotes durability as a significant factor,” Salmon says. “Depending on the application, first consider the appropriate base oil…. either a conventional/mineral, synthetic blend, or a full synthetic product. Equally as important is selecting a robust additive package to amplify the strong base oil characteristics.”

By utilizing top-tier base stocks and additives, many of today’s motor oils can also allow a fleet to extend oil drain intervals, Salmon says.

“That will reduce the amount of oil changes you need per year, which can help increase productivity in the shop and give your fleet less downtime,” he adds.

D-A Lubricant Co. has four categories of heavy-duty diesel engine oil products in its Reliant product family that are API CK-4 licensed:

Reliant™, Reliant™ Premium, Reliant™ FS and Reliant™ X-92. D-A also manufactures Reliant™ Premium Plus, an API FA-4 approved engine oil. Each of these categories are formulated with low-viscosity solutions to get the best out of today’s more fuel-efficient, low-emissions diesel engines.

D-A’s Reliant™, a conventional heavy duty diesel engine oil, delivers substantial engine durability improvements, enhanced resistance to oil breakdown, and confidence of performance in both new and older vehicle models when compared to previous generations of products.

“Our Reliant™ is our mainline, conventional heavy-duty diesel engine oil. It offers very robust protection in both an SAE 10W-30 and SAE 15W-40,” Salmon says.

D-A’s Reliant™ Premium, a synthetic blend heavy duty diesel engine oil, provides enhanced oxidative stability and low-temperature pumpability. As such, Salmon says this oil also features substantial engine protection improvements for long, reliable equipment life. The enhanced Reliant™ Premium shows resistance to oil breakdown to maintain and maximize drain interval potential with a strong focus on neutralizing the harmful acids generated in the combustion process.

“Reliant™ Premium’s oxidative stability, wear protection, cleanliness and acid neutralization make it the perfect alternative for extended drain intervals or operating at higher temperatures,” Salmon says.

D-A’s Reliant™ FS is a full synthetic heavy duty diesel engine oil providing the highest level of oxidative stability and low-temperature pumpability. Reliant™ FS performs these tasks while also expanding the protection offered to your engine. With the widest operating temperature range and the most expansive levels of protection, Reliant™ FS provides significant opportunities to extend drain intervals and fuel economy with a 5W-40 grade.

“The Reliant™ FS is the premium HDEO D-A offers,” Salmon says. This product offers all the protection of a 15W-40 fleets have historically utilized while also providing enhanced low-temperature properties, extended drain opportunities, and fuel economy benefits.”

The D-A Reliant™ X-92 is our lubricant solution for today’s modern, mixed fleets. Reliant X-92 affords outstanding “all-season” performance and hardware protection in diesel, gasoline or processed natural gas (CNG, LNG, LPG) fueled engines. D-A Reliant X-92 was uniquely formulated with today’s innovative transportation industry in mind and is the answer for those seeking consolidation of varying fleet engine lubricants. The Reliant X-92 is approved for API CK-4/SN and Cummins Engineering Standard CES 20092, Volvo VDS-4.5, Mack EOS-4.5 and Renault VI RLD-4.  This robust, multifunctional product allows for fleet owners to service the majority of a fleet with a single lubricant without sacrificing the protection or performance.

D-A’s Reliant™ Premium Plus, a synthetic blend heavy duty diesel engine oil, is designed to meet the stringent requirements of API FA-4. D-A’s leading option for fuel economy gains in on-highway fleets, Reliant Premium Plus™ offers outstanding protection while operating under some of the most severe conditions.

“An FA-4 engine oil must be formulated with a lower high-temperature, high-shear rating meaning that the hydrodynamic or sacrificial layer that the oil provides is thinner,” says Salmon. “While Reliant™ Premium Plus has a thinner hydrodynamic layer that leads to improved fuel economy, it also has an extremely robust additive system that ensure optimal protection for the engine.”

To see a full list of D-A Lubricant Co.’s diesel engine oil offerings, click HERE.


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