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ZF announces first order of latest-gen. Maxxus L2.0 air disc brakes


David Sickels is the Associate Editor of Tire Review and Fleet Equipment magazines. He has a history of working in the media, marketing and automotive industries in both print and online.

ZF has announced the first delivery of Navistar International LT series trucks equipped with WABCO Maxxus L2.0 air disc brakes to Schuster Co. The U.S. refrigerated trucking fleet began taking delivery of 100 trucks in January 2021.

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Now in its fifth generation, ZF saysthe Maxxus L2.0 air disc brakes include:

  • Up to 50% fewer parts, designed to reduce complexity.
  • Advanced adjuster mechanism capable of maintaining an improved running clearance.
  • Less chatter and virtually no pulling or fading can provide more consistent performance, even in extreme downhill or wet road conditions.

To date, more than 8 million WABCO air disc brake units have been sold globally.

Maxxus L2.0 air disc brakes are manufactured at ZF’s commercial vehicle control systems facility in Charleston, S.C. In 2017, the air disc brakes production was localized, with a $20 million investment in the facility, which also manufactures compressed air management products and various braking system components to regional truck and trailer OEs, ZF says.



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