Derive Systems, Author at Fleet Equipment Magazine
10 ways to future-proof your fleet

It doesn’t seem possible that 2020 is right around the corner and that it’s time to start planning for a new year. But as always, the future is fast approaching is 2020 brings us new opportunities to innovate and improve fleet operations. What if we think beyond 2020? What if we take the time now

How to make this the summer of safety for your fleet

As a fleet manager, you have a lot of responsibilities for your fleet’s operations but one of the most important responsibilities is your drivers’ safety. There are many risks in the day-to-day operations in fleets, but some of the biggest dangers are out on the road and in the expectations placed on drivers. Between having

Reducing Idling – Benefits and Outcomes

Reducing idling can provide benefits to fleets of all sizes. Though tackling the challenge may seem minuscule in comparison to other fleet management challenges, there are significant reasons to pay attention to it and cost benefiting reasons to reduce it. With some fleet managers already implementing solutions to reduce vehicle idling automatically and states putting

Telematics of today – The answer to improved fleet management?

Improving fleet fuel costs, preventing vehicle accidents and increasing the safety of fleet operations requires the right fleet management solution. Where traditional telematics end at data collection, enhanced fleet management solutions extend with actionable improvements.