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Podcast: Extras from FE’s Mack Trucks Executive Interview

Every month on Fleet Equipment, we do a big, wide-ranging executive interview with one major company in the industry, and this month it was Mack Trucks. The story centered in part on their new LR Electric, which is currently being tested by a couple of fleets and will enter production...

Podcast: The potential benefits of replacing truck mirrors with cameras

In today’s Fleet Future podcast, I spoke with two members of Stoneridge, a company that makes MirrorEye, a system through which mirrors on the sides of trucks are replaced by cameras, which the company says provides greater visibility and improved aerodynamics. The system received an FMCSA exemption, meaning fleets can...

Podcast: Driver training, retaining and the trucking industry’s ‘oral tradition’

The driver shortage is always a hot topic, and recruiting is only one piece of that; retaining is another. One overlooked aspect of retaining is in training—after all, the training process is the first impression drivers have of your company. To discuss this topic, today’s guest is Jane Jazrawy, co-founder...

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