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Cold weather starting tips for truck batteries

When choosing your battery, it’s important to pay attention to the reserve capacity and the cycling ability.  If you only ever asked your batteries to crank the engine when they were at a high state of charge that would be one thing, but in cold weather batteries often power cab...

Bridgestone showcases air-free commercial truck tire concept at TMC

Bridgestone Americas, Inc. is showcasing its advanced air-free commercial truck tire concept for the heavy-duty trucking market at the 2020 Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition in Atlanta. Bridgestone says the air-free commercial truck tire concept, designed to be used in high-speed, long-haul applications, leverages...

Brake pad development heading into the copper-reduced era

Five years ago, an agreement between the EPA, states and automotive industry players was signed to reduce the use of copper in brake pads. Next year, brake pads will need to reduce copper to less than 5% by weight, and then less than 0.5% by 2025. There’s no magic button...

Consider heavy-duty aftermarket brake options carefully

When Montu Khokhar, chief executive officer of NRS Brakes, visited the Fleet Equipment office last year, he rattled off brake friction material that his company had found in analyzing discarded pads from shops across the country. A number of materials raised editorial eyebrows, but none so much as: kitty litter....


Cojali USA releases new version of Jaltest diagnostics tool

Cojali USA highlights its new vehicle connectivity and diagnostics solution, Jaltest Link V9. This is the newest version of the company’s diagnostic tool, and will be available May 1. Information contained within Jaltest includes step-by-step troubleshooting trees, component replacement guides, repair times and troubleshooting by systems. Click here to read...

Volvo Trucks North America announces Driver Display Activation for remote programming

Volvo Trucks is rolling out a new version of its Remote Programming services called Driver Display Activation. The new service allows drivers to update software and parameters at any time, from anywhere they have cellular service. Remote Programming Driver Display Activation will be available Q4 2020. Volvo Trucks’ Remote Programming...

How the right data can help lower your truck service costs

Skyrocketing labor rates, an endless proliferation of fees and increasingly complex truck equipment and technology have sent truck service costs through the roof—and that’s without even counting the loss of revenue during downtime. Whether you’re held captive by contract maintenance, rubbing your head because of roadside service or looking for...

Watch: Fleet Advantage Lifecycle Management Software walkthrough

Fleet Advantage recently added predictive Lifecycle Management Software (LMS) to its ATLAAS platform (Advanced Truck Lifecycle Administrative Analytics Software). This software notifies fleets months in advance of when an individual truck or group of trucks will reach their tipping point, the point at which a truck reaches economic obsolescence, and...


Podcast: Talking truck tires with Cooper’s Gary Schroeder and Phil Mosier

Beyond our recent cover story, here are a few more topics covered by Cooper’s Gary Schroeder and Phil Mosier.

Podcast: Discussing Fleet Equipment’s 2019 Truck Trend of the Year

FE's Trend of the Year for 2019 is the new innovations and products being put forward by the trucking industry’s suppliers.

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