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Podcast: DPF cleaning and maintenance tips

Let’s talk DPF maintenance. If you’re like most fleets, its one of your least favorite words in your vocabulary. DPFs have been known to be a maintenance headache basically since they arrived on the scene. In today’s episode I talk with Tom Choate of Ceramex, a company with a unique...

Podcast: The importance of coolant maintenance in the winter

We are smack in the middle of winter, and for fleets, that means it’s time to get those winter maintenance checklists updated. If your trucks run in areas of extreme cold and snow it is a crucial month for maintenance on all components of the vehicle. Let’s zero in on...

Podcast: Volvo Trucks on the growth of regional haul trucking

One of the major trends of the last few years in the trucking industry has been the growth of the regional haul segment. Bolstered by factors ranging from the driver shortage to the growth of e-commerce, regional routes are becoming a larger percentage of the industry’s routes driven each year,...

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