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Podcast: How telematics can help in last mile delivery, with electric fleets, and more

The growth of the last mile delivery market and the ascendancy of electric trucks have rarely been out of the news for the past year. With that in mind, joining me in this episode of the Fleet Future podcast is Travis Hunt, business development manager for Ford Commercial Solutions. Our...

Podcast: How electric trucks will change your fleet management process

Electric trucks are here. At this point, every major OEM either has trucks available for order or in development, but if you are interested in adding some of these models to your fleet, there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done ahead of time. For example, recently...

Podcast: New electric and diesel trucks, plus the effects of the microchip shortage

In this episode of the Fleet Future podcast, Fleet Equipment Editor Jason Morgan and Managing Editor Alex Crissey go over the biggest trucking news of the past month, including: The ongoing microchip shortage and its potential impacts on trucking The newly available electric trucks from Freightliner Driving new heavy-duty trucks...

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