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How electrification will change truck tires

We talk about the future a lot on this podcast—after all it is right there in the name. And right now the future is abuzz, pun intended, with the potential of electric trucks, which have spent the past year making their way into real-world heavy- and medium-duty routes for the...

What your fleet needs to know about tire maintenance

Tire maintenance: with tire costs being what they are, it’s always going to be a hot topic. From routine checks to investing in equipment like TPMS and ATIS, it’s all important when cutting those costs and making sure you don’t fall victim to an unexpected roadside breakdown or another similarly...

Podcast: Extras from FE’s Mack Trucks Executive Interview

Every month on Fleet Equipment, we do a big, wide-ranging executive interview with one major company in the industry, and this month it was Mack Trucks. The story centered in part on their new LR Electric, which is currently being tested by a couple of fleets and will enter production...

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