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Podcast: Thermo King on the challenges and potential benefits of electrification

Electrification: it’s all the rage right now. OEMs are talking about it, component suppliers are talking about it, fleets are talking about it, and we’re certainly talking about it here on Fleet Equipment. There is a lot of excitement in the air, but also a lot of questions. And this...

Podcast: Michelin on the importance of the right truck tires in the right applications

Michelin has been busy this year, introducing quite a few new tires within just the first few months of 2021—there’s the new Energy commercial tires, the new X Works drive tire and the regional X One trailer tire. Joining me on today’s podcast is Coy Jones, senior marketing manager for...

Podcast: Telematics, routing and staying ahead of the truck technology curve

Joining me on today’s episode of the Fleet Future podcast is Alex Osaki, product marketing manager for Here Technologies, which is a supplier of telematics, including routing and mapping technology, to the trucking industry. Alex and I had a great conversation about location technology, the struggles of adopting telematics, and...

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