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ACT Expo: A recap podcast, part 1

For many, the ACT Expo this September was the first industry event since before COVID-19 set its sights on U.S. shores. The zero-emissions expo, held in Long Beach, California, also came at a fortuitous time—just as electrification is taking off in heavy-duty space, hydrogen fuel cells are creating more of a buzz, and decarbonization is

What fleets need to know about electrification and truck charging stations

In this episode of Fleet Future, FE Managing Editor Alex Crissey and Senior Editor David Sickels sit down in the podcast studio to talk about the rise of electrification in 2021. The duo looks at the charging station providers available for fleets; the parallels between the current boom in fleet charging station makers and the

How electrification will change truck tires

We talk about the future a lot on this podcast—after all it is right there in the name. And right now the future is abuzz, pun intended, with the potential of electric trucks, which have spent the past year making their way into real-world heavy- and medium-duty routes for the first time. There is a

What your fleet needs to know about tire maintenance

Tire maintenance: with tire costs being what they are, it’s always going to be a hot topic. From routine checks to investing in equipment like TPMS and ATIS, it’s all important when cutting those costs and making sure you don’t fall victim to an unexpected roadside breakdown or another similarly nasty surprise. For more on

Podcast: Extras from FE’s Mack Trucks Executive Interview

Every month on Fleet Equipment, we do a big, wide-ranging executive interview with one major company in the industry, and this month it was Mack Trucks. The story centered in part on their new LR Electric, which is currently being tested by a couple of fleets and will enter production soon. You can check that

Podcast: The potential benefits of replacing truck mirrors with cameras

In today’s Fleet Future podcast, I spoke with two members of Stoneridge, a company that makes MirrorEye, a system through which mirrors on the sides of trucks are replaced by cameras, which the company says provides greater visibility and improved aerodynamics. The system received an FMCSA exemption, meaning fleets can replace mirrors on their trucks

Podcast: Driver training, retaining and the trucking industry’s ‘oral tradition’

The driver shortage is always a hot topic, and recruiting is only one piece of that; retaining is another. One overlooked aspect of retaining is in training—after all, the training process is the first impression drivers have of your company. To discuss this topic, today’s guest is Jane Jazrawy, co-founder of CarriersEdge. Jane talked about

Podcast: A look at the state of the trucking market with FTR

It has been, to put it mildly, an absolutely wild year for the U.S. economy, and by extension, the trucking industry. We had a sharp drop last spring, nearly just as sharp of a rise in the summer and fall, and a strong opening to 2021, but the most recent months’ numbers show a drop-off

Podcast: Thermo King on the challenges and potential benefits of electrification

Electrification: it’s all the rage right now. OEMs are talking about it, component suppliers are talking about it, fleets are talking about it, and we’re certainly talking about it here on Fleet Equipment. There is a lot of excitement in the air, but also a lot of questions. And this was the subject of a

Podcast: Michelin on the importance of the right truck tires in the right applications

Michelin has been busy this year, introducing quite a few new tires within just the first few months of 2021—there’s the new Energy commercial tires, the new X Works drive tire and the regional X One trailer tire. Joining me on today’s podcast is Coy Jones, senior marketing manager for on road with Michelin to

Podcast: Telematics, routing and staying ahead of the truck technology curve

Joining me on today’s episode of the Fleet Future podcast is Alex Osaki, product marketing manager for Here Technologies, which is a supplier of telematics, including routing and mapping technology, to the trucking industry. Alex and I had a great conversation about location technology, the struggles of adopting telematics, and how telematics will play into

Podcast: How telematics can help in last mile delivery, with electric fleets, and more

The growth of the last mile delivery market and the ascendancy of electric trucks have rarely been out of the news for the past year. With that in mind, joining me in this episode of the Fleet Future podcast is Travis Hunt, business development manager for Ford Commercial Solutions. Our conversation focused on telematics, from