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Challenges & Opportunities in Optimizing Fleet Management
Sponsored by HERE Technologies
Date: December 06, 2022

Reduce costs, save time and improve sustainability by digitizing your fleet operations. In this webinar, review, analyze and understand performance for real-time decision-making and forecasting, while planning and executing your delivery shifts in one place. Additionally, generate routes based on truck size, cargo and driver experience for greater safety and compliance with smart tour planning.

Key Takeaways

  • Truck specific attributes necessary to ensure driver safety, fleet maintenance and performance;
  • Multi-vehicle route optimization for planning, forecasting and execution;
  • Customize and deploy solutions through a single API for a complete end-to-end solution;
  • Better visibility for optimized last mile and urban delivery.

Take control of delivery operations with our location-enabled, end-to-end last-mile solution.

File for the Employee Retention Credit Before It’s Too Late
Sponsored by Stenson Tamaddon
Date: December 14, 2022

Not sure if your business qualifies for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)? If you made personnel adjustments due to issues with supply chain, capacity, project delays, or other COVID-related challenges, you could be eligible to receive up to $26,000 per qualifying employee through the ERC. Filing for this tax credit is only available for a limited time, so businesses need to act now to claim these funds.

Questions answered in this webinar:

  • What is the ERC?
  • Are businesses that received PPP loans still eligible for ERC funds?
  • What qualifies a business to claim the ERC?
  • How do you file for the ERC?
  • What is the deadline to apply for this credit?
On-Demand Webinars
Two New Fleet Spec Trends Proving to Save Fleets Tens of Thousands of Dollars
Sponsored by High Bar Brands
Date: September 29, 2022

In times of economic uncertainty and when spending is cut to essentials, some products can still add value and save money truly creating a worthwhile investment for fleets both short-term and long-term.

This webinar will focus on two main areas:
- In-cab corrosion and floor damage results in a costly loss of resale value and/or charges on returned leased trucks. We will show you the easy yet effective way to manage interior cab corrosion issues.
- Damage to mud flaps and mud flap hangers takes a toll with fleets of all sizes. Learn about the new product fleets are spec’ing that has had a tremendous impact on reducing repairs/downtime and improving overall costs.

The Future of Fleets - Optimizing Predictive Fleets
Sponsored by HERE Technologies
Date: September 15, 2022

Efficient tour planning is key to increased flexibility, instant disruption response and smarter decision-making. This webinar explores how location intelligence facilitates the move to a predictive fleet technology and enables smarter route planning. Find out how a location-powered end-to-end last-mile solution can give your customers better visibility and optimize urban delivery. Learn how to save time and reduce costs by achieving faster reactions to sudden changes, streamlined status updates and shorter planning times.

Key topics will also cover:

  • How to make the shift towards predictive fleet analytics
  • How to enable smarter route planning with location technology
  • How to create cost- and time-optimized tours for an entire fleet
  • How to give customers better visibility for optimized last mile and urban delivery
Coolants: What You Need to Know to Prevent Downtime
Sponsored by D-A Lubricant Company, Inc.
Date: May 26, 2022

Did you know coolant is just as important as your engine oil when it comes to your fleet? Coolant needs to be monitored and tested because mechanical and/or chemical reactions can take place hindering the performance of the coolant. Coolant can break down and become less effective over time. Not monitoring the coolant could result in corrosion and/or sludge, which can impact proper function of the cooling system. If the cooling system becomes damaged, you risk the possibility of the engine overheating causing downtime for your business.

Want to learn more about coolants? Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • Different types of coolants and what is best for your fleet
  • What does the coolant do
  • Common coolant specifications
  • Recycled coolants
  • Why do you need to test your coolants
  • Coolant sampling intervals
  • How to read a coolant report
Spend More Time With Your Customers and Less Time With Your Problems
Sponsored by Michelin
Date: October 14, 2021

Ever wonder how you can spend less time on the same set of day-to-day problems and more time enabling your customers to meet their objectives? It may seem obvious to say you first need to improve your operational efficiency. Easier said than done, right?

Do any of the following daily headaches sound familiar?
- Roll time – what if you could count on average roll times below the industry standard? What does that mean to your reputation with your customers?
- Invoice processing time – How much time do you spend chasing invoices? What could you do with the extra time you gain if you could turn the invoices around quickly and reliably?
- Billing error rates – How many times do you have to deal with a single invoice? What are your experiences and expectations relative to billing error rates?
- Compliance – Are your dealers following your guidelines and specifications?

During this webinar, you’ll hear first-hand observations on ways fleets can take back control of how they spend their time by focusing on:
• Sustainability
• Risk Mitigation
• Lowering costs

How to Save Money on Fuel: Choosing the Right Oil For Your Fleet
Sponsored by D-A Lubricant Company, Inc.
Date: September 29, 2021

If you don’t look carefully at your fleet’s lubrication, you might be leaving serious money on the table. Selecting the appropriate engine oil within the manufacturers' recommended specifications could lead to up to 2% improvement in fuel economy when compared to the traditional 15W-40. If you haven’t looked at the different oil types recently, you might be missing out – because recent changes to lubrication over the last few years have changed the game.

We will discuss:
- Selecting the correct diesel engine oil
- How lubrication viscosity can help improve fuel economy
- Discover how you can calculate annual savings by utilizing the correct oil
- How used oil analysis may help extend your drain intervals

Navistar Answers Your Aftersales Support Questions
Date: June 16, 2021

The truck service world is changing - more data means better service solutions all pushing to reduce downtime. In this live Fleet Equipment Editorial Webinar, Navistar’s Joe Kory, SVP of aftersales; Chintan Sopariwala, group VP, parts; and Mark Reiter, VP of service, take the hot seats to answer the biggest service questions: from what’s being done to drastically reduce dwell time to the impact of connectivity on the service process to the need for well-trained technicians. Most importantly: they’ll answer your questions during the live event.

Ask Detroit: A live conversation about vocational powertrain technology
Date: June 08, 2021

From automated transmissions to advanced safety systems, intelligent powertrain technology has rolled onto vocational jobsites, but how does technology tackle hyper-specific vocational tasks? What’s the best use of powertrain data in applications like construction, utility, logging and more? The Detroit powertrain team takes the hot seats to answer these questions and more during Fleet Equipment’s Editorial Webinar.

The Hidden Key to Sustainable Last Mile Operations
Sponsored by HERE Technologies
Date: June 01, 2021

Too often, fleet managers think of sustainability in terms of heavy investment in heavy equipment. While electric vehicles and increased MPG will certainly transform operations and emissions, there’s a simpler and easier-to-implement way to increase sustainability and reduce costs.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How stop clustering and route efficiency can reduce both time spent in traffic and time spent idling
  • How implementing location technology can have wide-ranging implications, from reducing engine wear to increasing customer satisfaction
  • How long-haul carriers and local couriers alike can reduce emissions and save fuel without upgrading vehicles in their fleet
Sustainability without Sacrifice: Why Renewable Diesel is the Way Forward
Sponsored by Neste
Date: May 18, 2021

The economy is, and will continue to be, dependent on the transportation of goods. With diesel engines comprising nearly all highway freight trucks and moving approximately 70 percent of the nation’s tonnage , that kind of demand requires fuel that is high-performance, consistent quality and in reliable supply. Anything less means money lost.

With an increased pressure on companies to reduce or eliminate their carbon footprint, there is one standout fuel that will keep your fleet running at top performance, with less environmental impact: Renewable Diesel.

In this webinar, we will show you how one simple fuel change—with no additional investment—can help you maintain high fuel performance, extend your engine life, and lower your carbon footprint.

Daimler Trucks North America Answers Your Electric Truck Questions LIVE
Sponsored by Freightliner
Date: April 06, 2021

Fleet Equipment Editor Jason Morgan hosts Richard Howard, SVP, On-highway Sale & Marketing, Rakesh Aneja, head of eMobility, and Dr. Andreas Juretzka, director of eMobility product development engineering, during a live online event to talk about what DTNA has learned over its extensive electric truck pilot programs which have included more than 20 fleets covering nearly 700,000 cumulative real-world miles and how to apply those lessons to fleet applications. Sign up for this live online event to have your questions answered by the DTNA eMobility team.

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