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Answering the Biggest Questions About Your Fleet’s Engine Oil

Optimizing your fleet’s oil lineup can yield significant cost and time savings, as well as increase the lifespan of your equipment. During this webinar you’ll learn how to find the right oil(s) for your specific application. Our experts will help...

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Date: July 24, 2023

Finding the Right Transmission Fluid for Your Fleet

Selecting the correct transmission fluid is critical to maximize your fleet’s performance and longevity.  But it’s not an easy task since fluid specs can be quite confusing. Attend this webinar to learn about the right transmission fluid for your trucks.

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Date: July 11, 2023

When to Turn to the Aftermarket to Get Your Truck Out of the Service Bay and Back on the Road

Join a conversation with Dan Simon, National Account Manager at Dayton Parts to talk through how fleets are working with the aftermarket to get their trucks out of the service bays and back on the road, and have your questions...

Sponsored By Dayton Parts

Date: April 11, 2023

The Latest Industry Grease Spec: What NLGI HPM Is and What It Means For Your Business

Join Valvoline expert, Certified Lubricating Grease Specialist, and HPM committee member, Jacob Bonta as we discuss the latest NLGI grease specifications in the market and how to apply them to your daily activities.

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Date: March 21, 2023

Do You Qualify for the Employee Retention Tax Credit? (The Answer Might Surprise You)

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) allows businesses to claim a $26K tax credit per qualifying employee. If your business experienced COVID-related effects in 2020 or 2021, you might be able to receive these funds.

Sponsored By Stenson Tamaddon

Date: March 15, 2023

How to Optimize Fleet Management, From Route Planning to Post-Trip Analysis

Learn how your teams can see shorter planning cycles, improved fleet utilization, as well as real-time management of in-route disruptions.

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Date: March 14, 2023

How EVs Could Fit Into Your Commercial Vehicle Application

EVs are making big strides in meeting a wide array of commercial vehicle demands—from heavy-duty truck applications in short routes and last-mile delivery to getting people where they need to go on school buses and transit buses. Exciting as it...

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Date: January 26, 2023

File for the Employee Retention Credit Before It’s Too Late

Not sure if your business qualifies for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)? If you made personnel adjustments due to issues with supply chain, capacity, project delays, or other COVID-related challenges, you could be eligible to receive up to $26,000 per...

Sponsored By Stenson Tamaddon

Date: December 14, 2022

Challenges & Opportunities in Optimizing Fleet Management

Reduce costs, save time and improve sustainability by digitizing your fleet operations. In this webinar, review, analyze and understand performance for real-time decision-making and forecasting, while planning and executing your delivery shifts in one place. Additionally, generate routes based on...

Sponsored By HERE Technologies

Date: December 6, 2022

Two New Fleet Spec Trends Proving to Save Fleets Tens of Thousands of Dollars

In times of economic uncertainty and when spending is cut to essentials, some products can still add value and save money truly creating a worthwhile investment for fleets both short-term and long-term.

Sponsored By High Bar Brands

Date: September 29, 2022

The Future of Fleets – Optimizing Predictive Fleets

Efficient tour planning is key to increased flexibility, instant disruption response and smarter decision-making. This webinar explores how location intelligence facilitates the move to a predictive fleet technology and enables smarter route planning. Find out how a location-powered end-to-end last-mile...

Sponsored By HERE Technologies

Date: September 15, 2022

Coolants: What You Need to Know to Prevent Downtime

Did you know coolant is just as important as your engine oil when it comes to your fleet? Coolant needs to be monitored and tested because mechanical and/or chemical reactions can take place hindering the performance of the coolant. Coolant...

Sponsored By D-A Lubricant Company, Inc.

Date: May 26, 2022