From hands-on training to video-based learning: Keeping truck technicians trained

From hands-on training to video-based learning: Keeping truck technicians trained

Hendrickson’s service philosophy on how to teach the next generation of technicians.

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The combination of a global pandemic and rapidly evolving truck and trailer equipment and technology forced changes in every trucking industry segment, including technician training. All that while the industry was already facing a technician shortage. Through it all, keeping trucks and trailers in safe and productive working order was key to survival as average lifecycles lengthened. Tough times called for innovative solutions.

One of the most notable advancements in addressing the educational needs of the workforce was the adoption of virtual training platforms. These platforms have emerged as a valuable tool, offering a flexible and accessible avenue for technicians to stay updated with the latest technological advancements and repair techniques.

The Hendrickson Service Academy, for example, offered comprehensive online courses designed to equip technicians with the knowledge required to service complex fleet equipment safely and efficiently. Launched in 2017, the Hendrickson Service Academy was instrumental in offering targeted, up-to-date training materials that guide technicians through proper maintenance and repair processes.

The lessons learned, both with technicians learning through online portals and fleets leveraging online learning management systems to organize and inform their training efforts, continue to thrive as more in-person training becomes available.

“In-person, hands-on training is still the number one way to train, but resources are limited. We can only get to so many every year. It’s imperative that we do have an up-to-date program,” noted Rence Oliphant, vice president of global sales, Hendrickson. “The Hendrickson Service Academy makes it very easy for technicians to get quick training on the service issues that are relevant to them. It’s like a YouTube video where you can learn how to fix a Hendrickson product in about three to five minutes and watch the service process to make sure the fix is done correctly and safely.”

The Hendrickson Service Academy was partly fueled by the recognition of the risks associated with the dissemination of incorrect maintenance procedures through unofficial channels, such as video sharing platforms. By delivering accurate, safe repair, and maintenance instructions through video tutorials and downloadable technical literature, the academy ensures that technicians can quickly find and apply the information they need.

In addition to serving technicians, the Hendrickson Service Academy has expanded its offerings to include specialized training for dealer salespeople. This expansion aims to deepen their understanding of the latest suspension components and technologies, enhancing their ability to advise customers on the most suitable products for their needs, including truck suspensions, steer axles, trailer products, and other components.

The Hendrickson Service Academy also offers tests and certifications upon course completion, allowing fleet managers the ability to integrate Hendrickson Service Academy courses into their training programs. Visit the Hendrickson Service Academy website or more details or talk to your Hendrickson representative.

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