Dana Products, Education, and Programs Offer Optimized Uptime

Dana Products, Education, and Programs Offer Optimized Uptime

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At Dana, we do a lot more than manufacture high-quality replacement products to Original Equipment standards. Through the expertise of the Dana Training Academy team, we work to ensure you have the knowledge and training you need to properly install and service our products for longer life and maximum performance, with the ultimate goal of optimizing the uptime of your fleet. We also seek to achieve this objective through the development of innovative programs and tools designed to get you the parts you need ASAP.

We pride ourselves on continually working toward finding better ways to make doing business with Dana easier, more economical, and more efficient. With the Spicer ReadyShaft™ Program and Dana EZ-ID™ Tool, we’ve accomplished all three.

The Spicer ReadyShaft™ Program: Get Driveshaft Assemblies in 24 Hours 

We get that stocking heavy-duty replacement driveshafts and accessories isn’t the most cost-effective solution for fleet managers, but also that, when a truck is down with an inoperative driveshaft, it’s essential to get your vehicle back in business as soon as possible. The Spicer ReadyShaft Program is designed with this purpose in mind.

Through the Spicer ReadyShaft Program, we build and ship complete, warrantied driveshaft assemblies within 24 hours, with free next-day delivery. This not only helps you save your inventory capital and shelf space, but it ensures the fast turnaround on your replacement parts. Coupled with streamlined part identification via the Dana EZ-ID Tool, we’ve made getting the parts you need even easier.

No Part Number? No Problem with the Dana EZ-ID™ Tool 

Winner of the 2023 MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers Channel Excellence award, the Spicer ReadyShaft Dana EZ-ID Tool provides an easy-to-follow visual pathway for identifying and ordering your replacement parts. If the product tag is still attached to the part you need to replace and it is still legible, ordering the new part is easy! Simply locate the product number (Fig. 1), enter it into the search field, and click Submit (Fig.2).

Figure 1. Spicer™ driveshaft product tag with part number encircled
Figure 2. Driveshaft part number search field with Submit button

If an incorrect part number is entered, you’ll get a message that your search found zero results. When a correct driveline assembly part number is entered, your result will show the part number and description. Note that the standard part number will now have an “R” added to the end (Fig 3.); this correctly identifies the product as a Spicer ReadyShaft Program–eligible part that can be assembled and shipped within 24 hours.

Figure 3. Spicer ReadyShaft Program–eligible parts are identifiable by an “R” at the end of the standard part number

But what if you don’t have a part number? No problem! We’ve created a simplified process for that too. Simply click on Click Here (Fig. 2). Once you have read the disclaimers and clicked Continue, move on to complete the 10 simple steps to identify your driveline replacement part.

Download the Spicer ReadyShaft Dana EZ-ID Tool Brochure

Get your copy of the brochure at http://bit.ly/3vF2cp2 to learn our simple process for replacement part identification.

It’s Never Been Easier to Do Business with Dana

Save time, money, and stress with Dana! Reduce the downtime of your fleet vehicles with the Spicer ReadyShaft Program and Dana EZ-ID Tool, more Dana-exclusive solutions designed to keep your fleet on the road. Check it out for yourself at https://spicerparts.com/campaign/ez-id.

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