ACES® and PIES™ Compliance Tips for the Heavy-Duty Aftermarket

ACES® and PIES™ Compliance Tips for the Heavy-Duty Aftermarket

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What you Need to Know about ACES® and PIES™

ACES® and PIES™, maintained by the Auto Care® Association, is your roadmap to navigating the complexity of automotive aftermarket parts and product data. These industry standards ensure accurate fitment and product information for smoother operations, improved customer experience, and enhanced supply chain efficiency. By consistently utilizing both standards together, product information remains accurate, complete, and up-to-date, accelerating time-to-market.


Key benefits include:

  • Efficient data exchange
  • Better interoperability between systems
  • Reduced discrepancies
  • Improved catalog management
  • Increased market access

Nine Key Steps to ACES® and PIES™ Compliance

💡Build strong expertise on ACES® and PIES™ standards, including data format, structure, etc.

💡Ensure that your personnel, systems, and processes are aligned to ensure accurate differentiation between ACES® and PIES™ standards.

💡Know that the Auto Care® Association publishes ACES® and PIES™ standards monthly. Changes and enhancements are industry-driven through Auto Care® VIP and work groups.

💡The Technology Standards Committee (TSC), made up of industry volunteers, oversees the standards which are regularly updated through industry engagement and voting to ensure relevance.

💡Utilize the right tools (eg. master data management (MDM), product information management (PIM)) with ACES® and PIES™ standards built-in for efficient data creation and validation.

💡Ensure smooth integration of the MDM/PIM system with distribution channels to accelerate speed-to-market and ensure instant updates to resellers.

💡Develop a comprehensive data mapping strategy to transform existing data into the required ACES® and PIES™ formats.

💡Foster a culture of collaboration between departments to ensure that all relevant data is captured and represented in compliance with ACES® and PIES™ standards.

💡Conduct training and awareness programs to ensure that your teams understand how to drive compliance to these standards.

Accelerate Auto Parts Classification with Pivotree

Pivotree’s data classification service uses proprietary automation tools, enabled by generative AI and machine learning, to accelerate the classification of product data into the ACES® and PIES™ data models. Our solution is engineered to seamlessly integrate with any MDM/PIM system, empowering customers to effortlessly incorporate it into their current processes and systems while expediting their journey through the ACES® and PIES™ standards.

Learn how TruckPro, one of the largest independent distributors of heavy-duty truck and trailer parts and advanced repair services in the US, implemented a comprehensive PIM solution that would manage core product data, support data enrichment, and provide seamless syndication and insights to give their customers the best possible eCommerce experience.

Find everything you need to know about mastering the automotive and heavy-duty aftermarket with ACES® and PIES™ compliance in our comprehensive guide.

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