Scania expands BEV truck offerings

Scania expands BEV truck offerings

Calling it the "9-liter engine equivalent" to a diesel truck, Scania believes its new EM C1-2 will benefit construction-oriented operations.

Scania is adding more solutions to its battery-electric vehicle (BEV) truck range by introducing more electric vehicles, axle configurations and cab alternatives, plus a number of power take-off solutions.

“We are steadily adding more and more customer value and specification choices with our continuous introductions,” says Fredrik Allard, senior vice president and head of e-mobility at Scania. “And the customers reward us with increased interest since it is now obvious how well these trucks serve and behave in actual operations and how truly appreciated they are among drivers. We constantly hear stories about drivers that were skeptical at first, but then fell in love with their electric trucks.” 

Scania says the components and solutions it’s introducing should benefit haulers and transporters within distribution or construction-related operations. The company adds that the tandem bogie axle its offering for BEVs means tippers, hook lifts, concrete mixers and a number of other rigid-based applications can be specified without sacrificing traction or load-carrying capacity.

In addition, Scania says both the 210 kW and 240 kW versions of its electric EM C1-2 fit with certain construction-oriented operations, as the power levels match typical specification for trucks used by municipalities (285 HP or 326 HP). The EM C1-2 is physically shorter than its more powerful siblings, which opens up space for batteries and/or equipment such as supporting legs.  

“It is the nine-liter engine equivalent if I were to do a diesel comparison,” says Allard. “It’s the kind of electric machine that fits in an endless number of operations by being light and flexible, yet also powerful. It has one single permanent magnet, two gears and is really ‘torquey’ for its size. It offers drivability and the smoothness that drivers have come to expect from electric powertrains.”  

Scania says its batteries are providing over 300 miles in range for its 29 tonne (31.9 ton) trucks, with a lifetime of more than 800,000 miles, matching the lifetime of the truck. The company also tells us the carbon footprint of their batteries is approximately one-third of a comparative industry reference, due to the fact that they are produced with fossil-free electricity in northern Sweden. Scania chose lithium-ion batteries in prismatic shapes that are assembled in Södertälje into battery packs of 416 or 624 kWh, with state-of-charge windows of approximately 83% usable energy.

“The transition towards electrification is imminent,” says Allard. “The reasons not to transform are rapidly being ironed out while more reasons for switching to electric trucks appear before our eyes every day. Add to that the demands from legislators, transport buyers and the fact that BEVs are loved by the drivers and it becomes obvious why electric trucks is about to dominate our industry.”  

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