Protecting both sides of the trailer floor is the best way to combat corrosion and maximize service life and it's one company's mission to solve this industry problem

Protecting both sides of the trailer floor is the best way to combat corrosion and maximize service life and it’s one company’s mission to solve this industry problem

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Trailer manufacturers are always looking for ways to combat corrosion by using alternative materials and coatings. Rockland Flooring produces a combination of products that will preserve the wood, improve performance, and extend service life.

According to Chris Wolford, Chief Sales Officer for Rockland Flooring, “The entire underside of a trailer’s floor is subject to many extremes, including water, so it’s a great place for fleets to invest in additional moisture protection”. Chris goes on to say, “most undercoating will wear over time and require routine maintenance, so protecting the floor from the start is imperative to achieving maximum performance and floor life.  Our Defender TM line of composite floors and Grip Guard products were designed with this in mind.”

Grip Guard TM top coating is ideal for trailers working in grocery service or any carriers that require a higher level of cleanliness. Features include:

Weather Resistant – Grip Guard offers industry its first UV protective topcoat & absorbs 55% less water than the competitive wax-based hardwood floor treatment.

Wear Resistant – This innovative two-coat epoxy/urethane formulation forms a 4-mil protective coating which far exceeds the leading wax-based topcoat.

Slip Resistant – Grip Guard TM enhances the trailer floor’s traction for wet and dry conditions and surpasses the OSHA slip resistance factor by 20%.

For carriers with heavy concentrated loads such as water, paper and other heavy cargo, Defender 24 TM checks all the boxes. Its features include:

Superior Protection – Protects the trailer floor against water, salt and other contaminants that can damage the wood and glue line of a laminated floor.

Stronger – 44% more strength than standard laminated oak flooring at the same thickness.

Higher Load Rating – Can achieve a 24,000 lb load rating on a standard 12” crossmember spacing.

Lower Maintenance Costs – By sealing off the glue line and wood from the elements, routine maintenance is eliminated on the underside of the floor.

Rockland Flooring has a variety of performance-enhancing products that can be added to a traditional floor giving fleets the ability to design the exact floor for their needs.

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