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Greasing the clutch

What lube points might be easy to miss on automated manual transmissions?

Keeping the tractor-trailer connection healthy

Connections are made all over the vehicles we service. For the most part, those connections are probably taken for granted until there is trouble.

Three inspections to prevent uneven brake wear

Maintenance during the winter months presents unique challenges. Ice, slush, and general muck on the roads take a significant toll on brakes and other exposed components. Any road grit that finds its way into moving parts can result in binding and uneven wear, and there is a greater potential for damage from larger highway debris

Don’t Call the Customer–Text Them!

The truck is torn down in the service bay, awaiting a customer callback to approve an addition to the original estimate. Three other trucks are in line to be serviced. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get the disassembled truck back together. The frustrated technician is held up from starting on the other jobs.