Kristen Criswell, Author at Fleet Equipment Magazine
What your fleet needs to know about scan tools

Fleet managers can help avoid the downtime of waiting on or sending a truck to the dealership by owning the right scan tools. Not only can this minimize headaches, it can save the fleet money.

Drowning in data: How a dedicated dashboard can help

With hundreds, even thousands of trucks to manage on the road, and real-time updates coming in from each of these trucks, a fleet manager may feel like he or she is drowning in data. A well-designed telematics dashboard can serve as a fleet manager’s lifeboat when it comes to managing all this information.

Choosing a telematics dashboard partner

While ownership of telematics data can depend on the service agreement, it’s your data, and you need to make sure you own it and can do with it what you wish. If you have a service provider that isn’t open to working with other parties to accomplish your goals, you might want to think about pulling your data and finding another partner.

Trailer telematics shouldn’t be overlooked

It may still sound like a buzzword, but the fact is that fleet managers can no longer ignore telematics for their trailers.

Toyo’s Roy Bromfield, Randy Gaetz interview from MATS showfloor

[Editor’s Note: This interview first appeared in the April edition of Tire Review, Fleet Equipment‘s sister publication. The following Q&A occurred on the MATS showfloor. The following is an excerpt—you can read the entire interview on Tire Review.] At last month’s Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., Tire Review had the chance to sit down