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One-box aftertreatment could mean fewer service issues

Cummins introduced its single module in 2017. This single-can solution incorporates advanced DPF technology, giving customers a larger ash capacity, despite being half the size of old aftertreatment systems. “With the advanced filter, depending on the application, many customers may see extended maintenance intervals,” said Cummins Components Service Engineers Joe Schulz, Mike Bates and Jack

Truck aftertreatment data case study 2

Let’s run this scenario: A regen is needed as a truck is en route to its destination. You coordinate with your fleet manager, dispatch and your driver to schedule the needed regen. Everything has been communicated; you cross it off your to-do list and forget about it—until the truck rolls into one of your bays

Truck aftertreatment service data case study

Both the diesel particulate filter (DPF) and the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) are pricey components, but the costs can be compounded if the DOC is left unattended and pushes you to replace the DPF more often than you should be. During aftertreatment service, you’ll want to inspect the DOC and look for evidence of aging,

Shop profile: Kriete Truck Center—Madison

It takes a team to keep trucks moving smoothly through a shop facility and back onto the road, notes Shelley Oldenburg, medium-duty service manager at Kriete Truck Center—Madison.

Why you should consider partnering with an independent heavy-duty service provider

Your fleet’s truck service bottom line depends on you. You’re on the shop floor with your techs, in the back office watching the P&Ls and ensuring that trucks are getting in and out of your facility as efficiently as possible. Yet in today’s world of high freight demand, there’s always more to do and that

Picking the right partner: OEM, Supplier channels

Not only is your parts selection important, but your choice of parts supplier also plays a huge role in your service success. OEMs and suppliers have been pumping big investments into their parts distribution network to make next day, or in some cases same-day, deliveries a reality. Daimler Trucks North America, for example, will open

Good, better, best parts—finding what fits your needs

The array of aftermarket part options runs the quality gamut from “it’ll work” to “it’ll last.” To determine the right part fix for your job, Corneliu Bogdan, Eaton’s director of aftermarket product strategy, recommends looking a few key metrics. “The age of the vehicle and the expected retention period for the asset has to be taken

That tingling sensation: How driver discomfort can reveal areas of the truck in need of maintenance

The driver climbs out of the cab, rubbing a leg when dropping the truck off for regular service. “How’s your day going?” you ask. “Great!” the driver responds, “Except for my leg going to sleep.” “Yeah, I hate it when that happens,” you respond. The conversation goes on as you and the driver discuss the