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How charging station software can save you money (if you know how to use it)

You’ve likely heard scary phrases related to EV charging like “demand charges” or “peak charges.” These are things you want to avoid as it means that you’re plugging in your electric truck when energy demand is high and costs are at a premium. We’re about to give you a crash course in electric truck charging

Understanding electric truck charging needs and choices

Clarity is finally coming to commercial electric truck charging infrastructure decisions. With electric trucks available for order and on their way to delivery, the application of those trucks has been demystified. As more fleets put in charging infrastructure, the process will become more apparent and approachable. Here at Fleet Equipment, we’ve charted the charging station

ChargePoint launches its global electric fleet charging portfolio 

ChargePoint Holdings Inc., a electric vehicle charging network, announced a comprehensive EV charging solution portfolio available for fleets of all types and sizes. Fleet management software combined with ChargePoint’s AC and DC fast charging solutions balance charging costs with operational readiness for light- to heavy-duty vehicles across depot, on-route and at-home charging, ChargePoint stated in