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TCO: Knowing your numbers is smart business

You hear a lot these days about the total cost of ownership (TCO). We wanted to know how fleets are doing the math to make sure they are keeping costs in check and getting the best value out of their equipment. Determining TCO According to Darry Stuart, president and chief executive officer of DWS Fleet

Determining ROI to Lower TCO

“Fleet managers have only so much time,” notes Kirk Altrichter, vice president, maintenance at Crete Carrier Corp. “We need to prioritize when we are spending time making return on investment [ROI] determinations for new equipment. There may be an ROI that will help lower our total cost of ownership [TCO], but as technology changes, products

Determining return on investment trucks
Fleet feedback: Keeping engines running

Fleet Equipment asked a couple of fleet managers to tell us what their biggest concerns are related to keeping engines running smoothly—specifically related to coolant and coolant filtration. Kirk Altrichter, vice president of maintenance for Crete Carrier Corp., told us, “Among the biggest factors are EGR engine cooler leaks and radiator leaks, which make it

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Wabash National builds 500,000th DuraPlate Van

Wabash National Corp. announced its Commercial Trailer Products group has produced its 500,000th DuraPlate van trailer. The company’s 500,000th DuraPlate trailer was built for Crete Carrier Corp., one of the largest privately owned trucking companies in the United States. “The DuraPlate van provides maximum cube space, which helps us serve our customers, and the smooth interior

Wabash National Hits Milestone Duraplate Van