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Matching truck axles to the right vocational jobsite

Application: The Alpha and Omega of equipment spec’ing. Start with the right spec to work as productively as possible with that spec. “Vocational applications place a wide variety of demands on the drivetrain,” said Tony Sablar, vocational marketing manager for Peterbilt. “Consider the differences between a flatbed hauling materials to a construction site and the

Leveraging lift axles in various vocations

Tough truck tasks require tough spec’ing choices. Picking the right lift axle to put to work is often one of the most complicated decisions. Driven by application, lift axles need to meet your expectations and adhere to stringent bridge laws. A quick refresher: The federal bridge formula aims to keep bridges from becoming overloaded, stating

Working better Leveraging lift axles in various vocations
What’s the right axle ratio for vocational trucks?

Carrying your vocational load means balancing the right axle ratio with the right axle weight rating. Just as advanced engine technology and deeper integration have enabled faster axle ratios on-highway, so too have those engine efficiencies translated to the vocational world. “Today’s engines are more advanced and efficient than ever,” said Kelly Gedert, director of

Working faster What’s the right axle ratio for vocational trucks
What vocational truck weight class is your axle working in?

Are you a heavy-haul roller or do you cube out before you weigh out? The load that’s riding on your axles shoulders will greatly determine the equipment you spec for your vocational truck application. “Selecting the proper weight rating for steer and drive axles allows the truck to haul the right amount of payload for

Dana talks truck electrification’s aftermarket impact, supplying solutions

Truck electrification conversations coursed through Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week. Some suppliers saw a threat to their business due to electric trucks’ reduced service expectations, while others saw opportunities—a new frontier of solutions and partnership possibilities. Dana Aftermarket’s booth was host to an inspiring sight—a full electric truck drivetrain, from the new electric drive controller and

Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake earns award for expansion of wheel-end facility

Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC (BSFB) recently earned a 2019 Business Expansion Award from the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce for expansion of operations at its wheel-end manufacturing facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Dana expands training series with electrification maintenance

Dana Incorporated has expanded its “Driveline Forensics” training series to include videos covering key safety and maintenance tips for electrified vehicles.

A tale of two axles: Dana launches a new Spicer tandem axle, single drive axle

Dana Inc. announced the launch of two new Spicer axles: The D172 series heavy-duty tandem axle for construction, heavy-haul, and severe-service applications; and the Spicer S172 series single drive axle for Class 7 and 8 vehicles. Both announcements were made at the 2018 Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition. Click

Meeting the next emissions milestone

Those of you who have been around for a couple of decades are intimately familiar with all the engine and powertrain changes that have been made within those years to comply with EPA emission standard benchmarks and, more recently, the EPA/NHTSA Greenhouse Gas 17 (GHG17) initiatives. But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! While there is

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Expanding on automatic tire inflation

Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) let you monitor and manage tire pressure, but automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS) provide additional tire support by automatically maintaining optimal pressure levels. “Through periodic checks combined with the option to communicate tire pressure data to the main office, an automatic inflation system helps to reduce the possibility for human

Dana Spicer EconoTrek 6×2 axles available on Kenworth Class 8 trucks

Kenworth now offers the new Dana Spicer EconoTrek 6×2 tandem axle for order with new Kenworth Class 8 on-highway trucks. Key benefits of the Spicer EconoTrek lightweight drive and tag axle configuration include enhanced fuel economy, weight savings, improved performance and reduced maintenance, said the company. “The 6×2 configuration is becoming more popular with fleets

The importance of tire pressure monitoring

Keeping a close eye on tire pressure can also impact your bottom line. Under-inflated tires flex excessively under load, producing heat and increasing rolling resistance, which wastes fuel. Tires inflated 10 PSI below recommended levels can reduce truck fuel economy up to 1%. In addition, stress from flexing causes fast and uneven wear, shortening the