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Donaldson Filter Minder Connect expands to fuel filters, engine oil condition

Donaldson Company, Inc. has released its Filter Minder Connect solution for monitoring fuel filters and engine oil condition on heavy-duty engines. The company says the Filter Minder system components can be installed on equipment in minutes and the solution integrates into existing on-board telematics and fleet management systems. The company says that Filter Minder connect

Donaldson’s wireless Filter Minder to be integrated into Geotab platform

Donaldson Company, Inc.’s wireless Filter Minder monitoring system for truck air filters will be integrated into Geotab’s fleet management platform.

Donaldson and Alliance AutoGas release line of clean LPG filters

Alliance AutoGas and Donaldson Co. have partnered to release a new line of clean LPG filters built to remove potentially harmful particulate matter and heavy ends from propane systems. The two new filters have been specifically designed to eliminate potential fuel contamination issues with autogas fuel dispenser systems, the companies said. The primary LPG particulate

Alliance AutoGas, Donaldson Co. pair up to release clean propane filters

Alliance AutoGas and Donaldson Co. have paired up to release a new line of clean, LPG filters that remove potentially harmful particulate matter and heavy ends from propane systems. The filters were designed for the propane industry and are currently available through propane equipment distributors nationwide. While it’s common for gasoline and diesel fuels to

Donaldson distributes Filter Minder products

Donaldson Co. is now offering Filter Minder indicators, gauges, switches and sensors through thousands of distributors via the Donaldson Engine Aftermarket catalog. The Filter Minder line of products (pictured above) connect to air intake and fuel filtration systems, keeping tabs on filtration performance and life by communicating filter status visually, electronically and remotely. The information provided by Filter

How fuel filters impact engine health

Fuel is the lifeblood that runs through the heart of your tractor—the engine—sending power into the truck’s component circulatory system. The key to your equipment’s on-highway heart health lies in the engine getting plenty of exercise as it rolls towards its million-mile goal, and to make sure it’s fed the cleanest diesel fuel possible. The

The importance of oil filtration

Lube oil is one of those crucial aspects of truck engine life. It keeps the engine running by reducing friction, removes heat from the engine, and carries debris to the filters. Thus it makes sense that the engine’s filtration system would be similarly important. The filter prevents dirt, carbon, and metal particles from doing damage

Donaldson Blue fuel filters available for Cummins ISX engines

Donaldson Co., manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, announced the company’s ground-breaking fuel filtration technology is available for Cummins ISX engines. There are two Donaldson Blue fuel filters available: The DBF5811 for 15.0-liter ISX engines and DBF6776 for 11.9-liter ISX engines. On-engine fuel filters offer the last chance to remove damaging contaminants from diesel fuel,

Clean Solutions, Ryder Fuel Services detail strategic alignment

Clean Solutions, a division of Donaldson Co., announced a strategic alignment with Ryder Fuel Services to provide end-user customers with services that complement their bulk filtration products. “We have had a gap in our ability to provide a turnkey solution,” Scott Grossbauer, global director—Donaldson Clean Fuel & Lubricant Solutions, said. “Oftentimes, our customers are convinced

Donaldson names Carpenter president, CEO

Donaldson Co. has named Tod Carpenter, 55, president and chief executive officer, effective April 1, 2015. Carpenter has been promoted from his current position at the company as chief operating officer. As part of the chief operating officer succession process developed by the Donaldson board of directors, current chairman, president and chief executive officer Bill

Donaldson receives award for aftermarket excellence

Donaldson Co., a manufacturer of filtration solutions and products, has been awarded a 2014 Supplier Award by Volvo Group Purchasing in the aftermarket excellence category. The Volvo Group Purchasing Supplier Award recognizes top suppliers based on specific performance criteria, including the supplier’s capacity to effectively collaborate globally with the Volvo Group organization and consistently improve

Donaldson answers clean diesel questions on new website

Donaldson Co. introduced, an online resource that answers questions about diesel fuel challenges faced by owners of modern engines. This site sets out to answer the questions: what is “clean” diesel, why is it needed and how is it obtained? According to Donaldson, diesel that is technically within industry specifications is often too dirty