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Full Service – United Linen and Uniform Services

A lease and maintenance program is providing measurable benefits for United Linen and Uniform Services

Shop Management

While preventive maintenance may be the most important activity done in the shop –– managing warranty recovery, technician training and parts purchasing is also critical for success

Fuel-saving measures

Colonial Cartage is finding new ways to lower fuel consumption

No-idling solutions for cab comfort

No-idling solutions save money and keep drivers comfortable.

Onboard Vehicle Systems

Fleets may benefit with telematics and next-generation scan tools

Boosting Productivity: LTI Trucking Services

LTI Trucking Services is using onboard routing and mapping, plus other enterprise management technologies, to improve its bottom line

Stay in the sweet spot

Take advantage of technology and operating practices that can help minimize the impact of escalating fuel prices

Putting theory into practice

“Preventive Maintenance is good in theory because it works in practice.”

Back to the basics

For Tango Transport, focusing on PM training is already paying dividends in lower operating costs

Optimizing Oil Drains

Base your decisions on a solid PM program and consider used oil analysis to determine additive depletion

For driver retention: CAB COMFORT

Aggressive governmental efforts to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions have focused on trucks in a growing number of states, resulting in new and more stringent anti-idling regulations.

Corrosion Costs & Control

While some fleets are simply accepting that corrosion will prevent them from getting the full design life out of components; others are actively taking steps to minimize costs associated with corrosion