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An overview of the TPMS and ATIS offerings

There is a wide variety of tire inflation technology available, both in TPMS and ATIS form. Let’s take a quick look at some of the offerings.

Mobile Awareness releases MobileTraq ELD solution

Mobile Awareness announced the release of the MobileTraq electronic logging device (ELD). This new Hours of Service (HOS) solution comes out in advance of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)’s ELD mandate, and is fully compliant with the regulations. It is also fully integrated with Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) and International Fuel Tax

Mobile Awareness develops cloud-based tire tracking system

Mobile Awareness LLC has produced an advanced commercial tire monitoring and tracking system with capabilities for asset management in the trucking industry: the Mobile TRAQ system. The cloud-based tire tracking system collects and processes tire pressure and tire temperature information along with the GPS location. Data from vehicles across the fleet is uploaded to the cloud and is

Protecting tire PSI: Adding TPMS, ATIS, TiS helps protect your investment

Fleet managers are well aware of the importance of proper tire inflation to protect tires. Many are earlier adopters of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and/or automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS or TIS). Choosing the right systems for each application is important part of protecting your investment, but which one to choose? Picking the right

Stemco ATIS System Tire
TPMS systems provide CSA violation prevention benefits

Fleet managers are under increased equipment performance pressure, not the least of which comes from ensuring that their trucks on the road meet all CSA standards. Violations can quickly add up, and improperly inflated tires—especially flat and blown tires—can be a red flag for enforcement officers. That’s where tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), as well

The importance of tire pressure monitoring

Keeping a close eye on tire pressure can also impact your bottom line. Under-inflated tires flex excessively under load, producing heat and increasing rolling resistance, which wastes fuel. Tires inflated 10 PSI below recommended levels can reduce truck fuel economy up to 1%. In addition, stress from flexing causes fast and uneven wear, shortening the

Mobile Awareness introduces YardTRAQ, facility-based truck TPMS

Mobile Awareness LLC introduced YardTRAQ, a TPMS yard monitoring application compatible with their MobileTRAQ Vue in-cab vehicle monitor. YardTRAQ utilizes the same TireStat tire pressure monitoring sensors that work with the MobileTRAQ Vue, providing immediate warnings of low tire pressure as a vehicle enters a parking or service facility. This local computer and cloud-based system

Mobile Awareness announces first MobileTRAQ hardware upgrade

Mobile Awareness LLC introduced its first MobileTRAQ Vue feature upgrade by integrating the SenseStat Obstacle Detection Backing Sensor System. The low-cost SenseStat hardware add-on feature works with the MobileTRAQ Vue by displaying four zones behind the vehicle to help fleets and drivers prevent backing accidents. The company noted that the system automatically detects when the

Mobile Awareness expands line of dash cam and DVR systems

Mobile Awareness LLC has expanded its line of dash cameras and digital video recording systems for commercial trucks. The lineup offers a solution for every type of truck; basic ‘forward view’ recording; driver and forward recording, and multi-camera recording solutions. Recordings are easily transferable via password protected SD cards or 4G cellular communications systems. Mobile

Mobile Awareness integrates MobileTRAQ Vue with TireStat TPMS, adds cameras to backup systems

Mobile Awareness has announced that its monitoring and maintenance system, MobileTRAQ Vue, is now integrated with TireStat TPMS sensors. The sensors transmit data every 60 seconds to the MobileTRAQ monitor, with pressure and temperature events triggering the system to alarm in real-time based on user-defined alarm levels. Additional features include integrated telematics communication interfaces for

Enhanced Obstacle Detection Sensor System now available

Mobile Awareness announced an enhanced version of its SenseStat Wireless Obstacle Detection Sensor System for tractor-trailers. Made for “drop and hook” operations, the wireless system automatically pairs the switched trailer to the monitor in the tractor. The SenseStat system can also be used on the top corners of trailers, providing a warning of overhangs, overpasses