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Enhance work truck performance with access, position control technology

Pickup trucks, delivery vans and other kinds of work trucks are some of the most hardworking machines in use in the world today. Businesses from one-person contractors to large utilities and e-commerce operations with fleets of trucks depend on these workhorse vehicles to get the job done every day. The OEMs that build these vehicles

Southco’s new C2 lever latch offers auto-relock functionality

Southco has introduced the newest product in its successful C2 series of lever latches, with a new push to lock option that incorporates an auto-relock feature. With customizable features, versatile locking styles and a streamlined industrial appearance, the push to lock C2 Lever Latch provides upgraded functionality that can be used to demonstrate compliance with industry

The hardware needs of automated trucks of the future

The era of the long-haul autonomous truck is fast approaching. With it will come both challenges and opportunities to redesign the interior of autonomous vehicles to serve new functions and activities of those who operate them.The advent of autonomous long-haul trucking sets the stage for significant changes in the role and responsibilities of the drivers.

Southco introduces tilt, swivel and swing display mount

Southco Inc. introduced its tilt, swivel and swing display mount (A Series), now available with an added feature that allows the arm to be locked into position for easy storage. According to the company, the A-Series mount is designed with a plunger that locks the arm securely into place. The locking A Series provides reliability