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Penske Truck Leasing to offer REE Automotive’s P7-C electric trucks

REE’e electric trucks were developed in partnership with Wabash to be upfit ready.

Phillips Industries OEM division receives Wabash 2022 Supplier Award

Phillips Industries OEM division has been recognized as one of Wabash’s top suppliers receiving a 2022 Wabash Supplier Award for supply chain excellence. Wabash presents the annual awards to top suppliers for excellence in supply chain performance, considering criteria such as innovation, quality, delivery, cost, and service. On September 27, Phillips was presented with a 2022 Distinguished

Clarience Technologies, Wabash launch trailer applications technology alliance

Clarience Technologies and Wabash have launched a new technology alliance focused on trailer applications, including new advanced connectivity applications that will be essential as electric and autonomous vehicles come to market. As a first step, Road Ready advanced trailer telematics systems will become standard equipment on all Wabash dealer stock trailers. Michigan-based Clarience Technologies is

Using technology to stay on top of trailer maintenance

The technology offerings in the trucking industry today are innumerable, so it should come as no surprise that there are several technological methods that can help improve your winter maintenance program. For example, many trailer components can have sensors attached that report data to a main telematics hub, giving you an inside look at the

Hauling refrigerated goods in the winter

If you haul refrigerated products, keeping them cold in the summer is of obvious importance; but in the winter it gets tricky—because there is such a thing as too cold. “For optimal food quality as well as food safety, temperature control of perishable products is always important regardless of whether it’s hot or cold outside,”

Winter-proof: How to keep your trailers in the best possible shape during the harshest season

There’s plenty to like about the winter, but it’s not all skiing and hot chocolate, especially if you’re a fleet manager who has to worry about the damage the harsh season will cause your equipment. Let’s zero in on trailers, which are susceptible to a variety of potential issues when running during the winter. Luckily,

How trailer manufacturers are combating corrosion

Among trailer manufacturers, there is an ongoing effort to address costly corrosion and moisture intrusion. At Great Dane, approaches to combat corrosion include replacing corrosive metal with non-corrosive composite materials and applying coating systems on the metal components, according to Chris Lee, vice president of engineering. “Great Dane’s EnduroGuard rear frame uses stainless and galvaneal

Fighting moisture intrusion in refrigerated trailers

“Moisture intrusion in refrigerated trailers impacts thermal performance through the degradation of insulating foam quality, increases in thermal conductivity and potential weight gain,” says Chris Lee, vice president of engineering at Great Dane Trailers. “Outgassing, in particular, causes moisture intrusion into foam cells, degrading the insulation’s value and leading to as much as a 30%

Haldex and Wabash extend partnership agreement

Haldex and Wabash National Corp. have announced an extended long-term agreement for Haldex to continue to be the standard brake adjuster and actuator supplier on Wabash, Transcraft, Benson, Brenner, Beall, Walker and Bulk trailers. The agreement lasts through 2021. “Haldex has a long-term relationship with Wabash, being standard position for the Haldex Self Adjusting Automatic

Wabash National recognizes top dealers

Wabash National Corp. has awarded 12 van trailer dealers with ambassador awards for achieving four- and five-star dealer status based on 2017 performance criteria. Of the 23 dealers that are part of the company’s Dealer Ambassador Program, 12 earned an award for top performance: Five-Star Dealers in 2017 Fleetco, Inc. M&K Trailer Centers TEC Equipment,

Changing for the better: How trailers are becoming safer

Being part of the transportation industry means putting safety above all else. It is the equipment manufacturer’s job when designing trucks and trailers to minimize the potential for serious consequences to both the truck and the other vehicles on the road in the event of a crash. With that in mind, many trailer manufacturers have

Haldex receives supplier recognition from Wabash

Wabash National has recognized Haldex as a top-performing supplier for the period of July 2016 to June 2017. “Even though we’ve had some delivery challenges, our dedicated and hardworking staff has resulted in Haldex being recognized by one of our key customers,” said Walt Frankiewicz, president of Haldex Brake Products and senior vice president of