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EX Ratings — The Next Level of Cummins Integrated Powertrains

In a world of vertical integration, Cummins is defining what it takes to operate effectively with horizontal integration. From electronic fuel systems to the Signature 600, and with the expansion of complementary and critical engine systems to integrate Cummins VGT™ turbochargers and aftertreatment systems while being supported through Cummins’ proprietary filtration business, Cummins has a

Cummins Lowers TCO, Increases Uptime with 2021 Medium-Duty Engines

In this economic climate, keeping trucks on the road is critical. Every dollar invested into a fleet needs to add value for the business and deliver a return on that investment. Cummins understands that. It’s why the company builds engines that deliver a combination of durability, reliability, value and performance. So, when the global power

Three reasons that natural gas trucks are worth considering right now

Environmental-related regulations and requirements are going to continue increase, and not just in California. Across the United States, 403 cities have signed the Paris Agreement, a global response to the threat of climate change. What’s that mean for you as a fleet manager? If the California Air Resources Board (CARB) rule that aims to have


Here’s the thing: the trucks you’re running today will experience unplanned downtime. Driver behavior and maintenance schedules impact performance, check engine lights come on, the unexpected happens. Ensuring your trucks meet your high expectations depends largely on the reliability and capability of your diesel engines. Here’s why. 1. When it comes to uptime, reliable engines

Keep your fleet running as efficiently as our engines.

With the Cummins® Guidanz™ mobile app, you can improve uptime of Cummins-powered fleets you service and increase the productivity in your service department. When used in conjunction with the Guidanz INLINE™ Mini or INLINE 7 vehicle datalink adapters installed in your vehicles’ J1939 ports, the Guidanz mobile app can read prioritized fault codes and engine data, and