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Pilot review: Part 2 – Trailers from paper to prototype

Just in terms of the benefits—accuracy in specs and a valuable relationship—pilot reviews and relationships equal productive trailers. Your responses to last month’s column on the importance of properly conducted tractor pilot reviews turned my attention to the new trailer review process. This month, trailer manufacturers underscore the importance of paper reviews (specs) and pilot

Great Dane
Truck pilot review: Part 1

Quite possibly a properly conducted, thorough pilot review of new tractors or trailers could impact a motor carrier’s service and parts operation—knowing the vehicle build was to “exact specifications” from component placement to where lines are routed to a fifth wheel height. That’s especially true if the right components are specified and installed exactly to

Truck Pilot Review
A smile and positive attitude delights truck operators

A welcoming handshake and a genuine, “How can I help you?” attitude are key requirements to delight and maintain fleet owners’ business at a growing full-service truck dealership, and that’s exactly what this writer received at Nextran’s Mack-Volvo facility in Lake City, Fla. Jon Pritchett, president and chief executive officer, Nextran Truck Centers, and Don

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Industry Perspectives with Dana Holding Corp.: Making vehicles more fuel-efficient, reliable, productive and cost-effective over the long term

Truck operations of all sizes must continue their quest for more efficient drivetrains that will help reduce total cost of ownership, and it’s easy to see how vehicle owners who achieve more fuel efficiency through engine down-speeding and lighter weight vehicles will be more strongly positioned to grow and to delight their shippers. According to

Growing demand for reman

Before-and-after-the-sale support has never been more sought after and even more demanded by fleet operators. Their goals for remanufactured components are high quality, lower price, strong unlimited national warranty and fast availability of the exact component model needed for a repair or replacement. “We fully recognize truck operators’ requirements for remanufactured components: They must cost

Truck filter value: Immediate & long-term

Most of us have heard and even used the old adage, “Good things come in small packages.” It is never more true than when it explains the value filters bring to your operation’s trucks and tractors in terms of fuel economy, uptime and controlling maintenance costs. “The return on investment is clearly present for fleets

Training to avoid CSA lighting citations

More technical training courses and constructive support for avoiding potential FMCSA’s Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) violations are two specific parts and service examples being brought forward to fleet management members by Truck-Lite. In response to fleet managers and truck technicians, the company developed online training modules on lighting and harness, basics in electricity, lighting fundamentals,

Sound specs, timed maintenance spell success

With a focus on counseling, NationaLease’s 600 service locations throughout the U.S. and Canada (with a combined customer fleet of over 125,000 tractors, trucks and trailers), newly-named Vice President of Truck Technology and Maintenance at NationaLease, Joe Puff, offers valuable observations on how truck maintenance has changed for the better. “The fundamentals are changing,” Puff

Sound specs, timed maintenance spell success
Industry perspectives with Volvo Trucks: Vehicle uptime—a holistic approach

The average vehicle age in North American fleets remains high, so demand for new vehicles and parts and services is increasing, according to James Chenier, vice president-aftermarket, Volvo Trucks in North America. He says that component longevity has increased over the years, providing a high level of value, however, the high fleet age means more

Volvo Trucks Vehicle uptime
The right parts keep trailers on the road

Providing OE-quality parts for trailers in a speedy fashion remains a high priority for Utility Trailer Manufacturing and the parts management team at its Parts Distribution Center in Batavia, Ohio, where they remain focused every day on meeting the parts-service needs of their customers who operate more than 350,000 Utility trailers through the 105 Utility

Industry Perspectives with Pressure Systems International: Good things happen when you pay attention

One of the industry’s leading supplier executives, Tim Musgrave, subscribes to the practice of listening ever so closely to customers—both current and potential ones. He subscribes to the habit described by a former GM CEO: “We listened to what our customers wanted and acted on what they said. Good things happen when you pay attention.”

P.S.I. has also opened markets in 41 countries across the globe
Cleaning heavy-duty air filters

Several questions should enter truck operators’ minds when selecting air filters for your trucks. According to Wix Filter engineers, it only takes 8 oz. of dirt to destroy a diesel engine. Those questions, as offered by Wix, should include: • The type of sealing gasket; a close look at the media or paper and the

Cleaing Heavy Duty Air Filters