Greg Mathes, Author at Fleet Equipment Magazine
Tips for keeping diesel engines running in cold weather

The use of high-quality diesel fuel is critical for optimal equipment performance. If the proper steps are not taken, tanks can become compromised due to fluctuating temperatures and seasonal changes. To prevent microbial growth, fuel instability and wax formation that commonly blocks fuel filters and forms operational issues, it’s critical that fleet owners and operators

The background behind diesel particulate filters

During the combustion process, particulates can lead to increased emission problems and negative health effects. As regulatory changes in emission standards aim at reducing the by-products of the emissions process, OEMs have adopted innovative ways of integrating advanced exhaust aftertreatment devices into new vehicles. Over the last decade, on- and off-road diesel engines have started

Diesel deposits compromise engine design

Today’s diesel engines are more complex systems than ever before. Engines now run at higher speeds and temperatures than in the past, which puts them at greater risk of developing diesel engine deposits. With fuel economy, power and emissions top of mind, keeping engine injectors clean and free of deposits is critical to maintaining optimum

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