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Chemical attack: preventing corrosion caused by road de-icers

Good specs and regular maintenance can defend your equipment against the corrosive attack of de-icing chemicals.

Real-world tests produce fleet savings

Schneider National has a team of a half dozen engineers who work on process development, maintenance training, troubleshooting equipment and component testing.

Drivetrains: Spec’d for fuel economy

Automated manual and direct drive transmissions are among the emerging trends used by fleet managers trying to cope with high fuel prices.

SmartWay’s fuel-saving action on the coasts

The SmartWay Partnership recently launched a new initiative to reduce pollution from the thousands of short-haul trucks that service the nation’s ports. Although not exclusively, SmartWay’s attention has been centered on over-the-road trucking because of the amount of fuel consumed in this sector. This new initiative brings attention to one of the biggest sources of

Best Buy: an active SmartWay Shipper Partner

Best Buy Co., the familiar multinational retailer of technology and entertainment products and services, is only about 40 years old – younger than many in the group of large retail outlets, but old if you include it in the collection of electronics merchandisers. The company, however, has accomplished much in its four decades of existence.

Modern truck engines deliver promised performance

The performance of engines designed to comply with the latest round of emissions regulations is fulfilling the hopes of both fleets and suppliers.

Fuel optimization software boosts the fleet bottom line

Fleet managers continuously look for ways to positively influence their companies’ bottom lines, and few decisions have more potential to help them succeed than the one to utilize technology to save fuel. Advances in hardware—new engine designs, improved aerodynamic devices, fuel-saving tires, idle limiting technology —have all proven themselves to save fuel and decrease exhaust

Earn money with an indle control program

We all idle our cars on a regular basis – think of stop lights, traffic backups and railroad crossings. But how many of us idle them for hours at a time like some commercial drivers do? The short duration idling of private automobiles, even the stop/start driving during a commute, has relatively little impact on

Truck body building: custom or standard?

Think of what you want a work truck to do, then ask if you can use an off-the-shelf body or if it needs to be custom designed and built.

How the latest technology can save fleets fuel

C.R. England is an active SmartWay Partner, as well as the largest refrigerated carrier in the country. Because of both these titles, it is a fleet that is very interested in operating in the most fuel efficient manner possible. A SmartWay Partner since 2005, the fleet is family-owned and proud of its traditions of on-time,

Boost filter performance with proper fleet maintenance

Today’s filters are the result of major advances in technology, but need to be used properly for effective performance.

Lease or buy trucks: is a change in order?

New tax laws or business opportunities in remote locations might make a change in your acquisition strategies advantageous.