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Watch: Don’t let road gators take a bite out of your fleet

Keeping your fleet’s steer, drive and trailer tires properly inflated during summer months will significantly reduce the probability of your tires failing and producing road gators, which is both a safety issue and bad for your bottom line.

FE road gators 7-5-19
Watch: What coolant should I use in my engines? (Part 2)

After you’ve confirmed the coolant for your engine, you need to then make sure you are choosing a high-quality coolant that will serve your engine well. There are a couple of rules of thumb to remember when selecting and using coolants.

Coolant pt2
Watch: What coolant should I use in my engines? (Part 1)

The coolant you should use in your engines depends on the make and model of the engine. The first and most basic step is to follow the recommendations of the engine and/or vehicle manufacturer as to what coolant technology you should be using. But beyond that, there are a few considerations when deciding what type of coolant to use—nitrited or nitrite-free, and extended life or otherwise.

Coolant pt1
Watch: Identifying filtration issues

Today’s heavy-duty engines have evolved to incorporate modern technology and to adhere to emissions regulations—and that means their components have had to evolve with them. From a maintenance standpoint, one result of this is that when a problem comes up, it’s not so simple to determine the root cause.

Identifying filtration issues
Watch: Buying used trailers

Throughout last year, the trailer market was hitting record-setting levels, and many fleets found themselves on long waiting lists for new equipment. With that being the case, and with backlogs still fairly substantial, many fleets have turned to used trailers for their equipment needs.

Watch: Wheel end fires: How to determine the cause

Wheel end fire are serious maintenance issues that can be caused by setup, maintenance, driver neglect, road debris or some combination of all of these factors.

Wheel end fires
Watch: How to extend truck tire tread life

With tires being one of a fleet’s biggest costs, it’s important to have a program in place that enables you to get the most value out of the tires you buy. Here are a couple of steps that can help you extend tire tread life.

FE Tire life WIX 5-10-19
Watch: Ride along in Kenworth and Toyota’s new hydrogen-powered truck

At a recent event at the Port of Los Angeles, Kenworth and Toyota showcased a production model of the companies’ hydrogen fuel cell-powered truck, and we had the chance to go for a ride in the truck and test out the technology.

FE kenworth test drive WIX 5-3-19
Watch: The effect of AMTs on drivers

As automated manual transmissions (AMTs) rose through the build ranks of the OEMs, you often heard a similar refrain: “Once you get a driver behind the wheel of an AMT, they will not want to go back to a manual.”

The effect of AMTs on drivers
Watch: The pros and cons of extending oil drain intervals

It’s important to remember that manufacturer oil drain intervals are set for a reason, and that while extending them may work in some applications, it’s not recommended for everyone.

engine oil video
Watch: Why application is key when spec’ing truck suspensions

We’ve said it before but it bears repeating: application is key when it comes to choosing the right equipment for your truck.

Watch: Hyliion hybrid electric truck test drive

Join FE Editor Jason Morgan in a test drive of the Hyliion hybrid electric truck at the TMC Annual Meeting in Atlanta.