Heavy Duty Truck Fleet Videos

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Watch: An electric truck charging infrastructure for your fleet’s needs

So, you’re ready to find a utility partner to establish your own electric truck charging infrastructure. You’ve already figured out your power needs and you start making calls, but there’s a problem – you quickly discover that heavy-duty charging infrastructure is basically the wild west. Kilowatt charging speed and capacity options are all on the

Watch: What’s next for heavy-duty truck engine oil technology?

In December 2016, two new oil categories were introduced by the American Petroleum Institute: CK-4 and FA-4. Today, these products have proven to be a boon to the industry. But what can we find on the horizon of engine oil technology? According to oil marketers, these new CK-4 and FA-4 oil categories are just the

Watch: Let your trucks’ engines hear what the OEMs have to say with over-the-air updates

It wasn’t so long ago that fleets could essentially only use their trucks’ data as a one-way transmission—streaming off of your trucks and into your telematics dashboard. Today, we can use that data as a full-blown, two-way heavy-duty dialogue thanks to over-the-air engine reprogramming. By taking advantage of cellular networks, OEMs can use over-the-air engine

Watch: How new trucking engine oils are tested

When developing and testing new engine oils, companies must strike a balance between fuel economy and product durability. Once the company has a formula that they feel is a winner, that’s when engine oil development lab testing can begin. And getting the formula just right requires more work in the lab than you might expect.

Watch: Three ways today’s electric trucks are inspiring the electric trucks of tomorrow

Electric trucks have hit the road. Right now, electric trucks from both Peterbilt and Kenworth are in use in California ports; electric Freightliner and Fuso models from Daimler Trucks North America are in use by customers; and Volvo Trucks and Mack both have their own electric models that debuted early this year. There’s a lot

Watch: Avoid downtime with the right electrical wiring specs

Lighting is one of the top three CSA violations, but it can be mitigated with the right electrical wiring specs. An electrical system failure can be serious, imparting onto your fleet fines and unwanted downtime, so invest wisely as you look to put the products on your equipment that will have the lowest total cost

Watch: We investigate the facts surrounding SmartWay-verified truck tires

SmartWay verification on your tires can be a great benchmark to aim for if you’re one of those fleets striving to squeeze every cent out of your fuel efficiency. In many cases, SmartWay tires can even offset lost miles to removal compared to deeper tread depths found on non-SmartWay verified tires. However, there are those

Watch: Implementing trailer tracking systems to streamline trucking operations

Real-time visibility into the location and status of assets has a direct impact on improving productivity and efficiency, and in lowering costs. But if you feel like you have too many dashboards already, it’s understandable you’d be hesitant to want to involve yourself with yet another one. So, we’ve put together four tips for implementing

Watch: This isn’t your grandfather’s truck wheel end maintenance

Wheel-end technology developments are right now being driven by the need to reduce turnaround times for service and installation. Like with any other service, more efficient installation and maintenance allows a shop to achieve higher levels of satisfaction and maintain profitability, and allows your fleet to maximize uptime. Watch the video above to learn more,

Watch: Compression release brakes aren’t just for heavy-duty diesel trucks

When you think of compression release brakes, or “Jake Brakes,” heavy-duty diesels probably come to mind. But today, this same technology and all of its safety, fuel economy and maintenance benefits is also starting to become available in medium-duty engines. Watch the video above to learn more, and click here for more episodes of On

Watch: The latest TPMS & ATIS technology makes your truck tires easier to manage

You should be completing periodic inspections anyway, but even if you consider yourself the Michael Jordan of tire inspectors, you can’t be expected to monitor your tire pressure 24/7 on your own. That’s where technology comes into play. The latest TPMS and ATIS systems are designed to keep you and your drivers up to date

The latest truck tire monitoring technology makes your tires easier to manage
Watch: Drive fleet efficiency with the right filter choices

The unfortunate side effect of having more sophisticated and precise engines and equipment is that there’s more potential for damage and downtime out on the worksite. That’s why effective filtration for fuel, oil and air is more important than ever. Watch the video above to learn more, and click here for more episodes of On