What can't you see on your commercial vehicle?

What can’t you see on your commercial vehicle?

Cameras are providing context to situations where fingers are too often pointed at commercial drivers.

Visibility is crucial when operating a commercial vehicle–it’s also hard to come by. In everything from a light-duty delivery van to heavy-duty Class 8 truck there are a host of blind spots. Drivers are highly trained and skilled to operate vehicles as safely as possible. The rest of the vehicles on the road, however, can often put them to the test. Safety is paramount, but you also want to protect your equipment investments.

Cameras are finding their way onto trucks and commercial vehicles. Lytx, for example, recently launched its Surfsight Auxiliary Cameras, which aim to provide a full view of the vehicle and its surroundings. By strategically placing cameras in blind spots, rear areas, and even inside trailers, fleet managers can identify potential risks such as cargo theft, unreported damage, and other incidents that may go unnoticed.

“Video is all about context,” said Ofelia Chernock, senior product marketing manager, Lytx Inc. “The power of video is being able to have that context at your fingertips when you need it. Video helps tell that story of what happened out on the road. It’s not that the driver of the large vehicle has done something that they shouldn’t have done. With video, we are trying to help squash that story because it’s not the case.”

The video footage acts as evidence in supporting drivers and defending against false liability claims, Chernock noted when she took the time to walk through various Auxiliary Camera use cases. To hear more about those uses, the importance of driver privacy and driver welfare, and how the cameras are installed and operated, watch the video above.


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