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Ken-Tool announces Strap Winder tool

The company’s Strap Winder tool is designed to save over-the-road truckers time when securing nylon straps to the winches attached to a flatbed deck. The 19-in. Strap Winder weighs 2.1 lbs. and is made of durable, high-quality steel.

Life-Time Fenders expands mud flap hanger line

The wholly-owned subsidiary of Betts Spring recently expanded its spray suppression bundle with added mud flap hanger part numbers, including all popular bar type and spring loaded hangers, integrated and stand-alone conspicuity solutions and related mounting brackets and hardware.

Wix Filters issues three new Master Catalogs for 2012

The 2012 Master Catalogs include: Passenger Car/Light Truck Application Catalog; HD Trucks, Buses & Off-Road Vehicles Application Catalog; and Interchange-Product Numeric Catalog.

Time Bandit offers strap rollers

The Time Bandit Electric Cargo Strap Winder can roll up a strap in about nine seconds, saving time, reducing the risk of injury, relieving work stress and increasing productivity for drivers, according to the company.

Rand McNally’s in-dash GPS featured at MATS

Rand McNally’s IntelliRoute TND 710 truck-specific GPS system helps drivers save time by tracking hours of service and miles by state for tax reporting that previously had been calculated manually, and provides a safe routing experience based upon vehicle size and contents.

Alliance Truck Parts launches online parts cross-reference tool

The web-based parts lookup tool consolidates data from the top OEM and independent manufacturers to create a single point of access to find the right all-makes part. It currently is loaded with information from some 30 different product lines, with more being added as new products become available from Alliance Truck Parts.

Betts Spring has mud flap hanger with integrated conspicuity strip

The spring-loaded mud flap hangers with conspicuity strips integrated on the main body of the hanger help meet FMCSA requirements. They also save weight because there is no need for an additional extended hanger body to display conspicuity tape.

Betts Spring offers lightweight, anti-spray poly fender

The SprayOff Anti-Spray Poly Guard is lightweight, strong and incorporates a unique channel design that controls road spray. It redirects road spray down and away from the vehicle in a controlled manner, diminishing a root cause of corrosion.

3-D mud flap suppresses spray, increases fuel economy

The Spraydown Aero Guard System, a uniquely designed 3-dimensional mud flap, features vertical aero vanes that redirect spray down through the pockets, smoothing airflow, reducing drag and resulting in substantial fuel savings, according to the company.

Betts Spring introduces Smart A17 spring loaded mud flap hangers

The company said its Smart A17 Technology will offer Class 8 operators lighter weight, corrosion resistant spring loaded mud flap hangers with exceptional performance and extended life cycles. The hangers have been laboratory and field tested to meet equipment manufacturer and end user demands.

Horton offers conversion kit for DM Advantage fan drives

The new DM Advantage On/Off Conversion Super Kit converts a standard DriveMaster On/Off Fan Drive to a DM Advantage On/Off Fan Drive. The kit features easy-to-install superior components, including a premium double row angular contact (DRAC) sheave bearing and improved air cartridge seal.

TRP releases new exhaust line

The new exhaust line from TRP Aftermarket Parts includes mufflers, pipes and clamps for different configurations and different budgets. The company offers aluminized and chrome-plated tubes, Y-pipes and stacks, plus premium flex hoses in a variety of materials and pre-cut sizes. The exhaust program offers a choice of good, better and best models of mufflers, all of which meet OEM back pressure specifications and offer internal support flanges on inlets and outlets to ensure long life.