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Buying a warranty or mechanical insurance?

There has been a change in truck purchasing in the last few years. Some times it appears as though buying a truck includes the offer of extra support—to add fries with that hamburger—to “supersize” maintenance outsourcing. These days, buying a new truck requires spending six figures for for a highly sophisticated, electronically equipped vehicle that

Fleet technology upgrades

Successful technology upgrades result from effective planning and can have a widespread impact within a motor carrier’s operation.

Fleet operations predictability

Consistent and sufficient data can facilitate the effective use of predictive analytics for fleet operations.

Automating Hours-of-Service

With the new driver HOS regulations final rule now in effect, and a pending compliance date for selected provisions set for next July, carriers are increasingly interested in technologies that automate driver logs and streamline data management for HOS compliance.

COD: Chain of delay

The approval process in our industry has created a costly chain of delay, increasing downtime and adding unnecessary costs and aggravation. We have to fix the process.

Putting the brakes on CSA violations

Fleet managers who have incorporated real-time visibility into their equipment operations can better utilize assets in order to minimize downtime and enhance operational efficiency overall.

Managing Fleet Data

Interconnected management systems rely on the effective sharing and storage of information.

Security: Safety or Surveillance?

Security has taken a new dimension that, in some cases, has left common sense at the gates of hell. For instance some fleet managers want the “security” of the parts room to be a lock-up…other fleets want to have a parts person hand out all of the parts at the window.

Poised to meet expanding IT needs

An agreement between Trimble Navigation and TMW Systems is centered on TMW’s transportation management software and asset maintenance solutions platforms.

Making a difference

Fuel use and purchasing management systems can help carriers keep rising costs in check.

Effective and efficient fleet software solutions

Realizing the full value of IT solutions that involve vehicle systems is dependent on expertly installed hardware and proper implementation.

Fees: Greed or Survival?

When was the last time you rented a car and you checked the fee? Were you assessed facility fees and recoup fees, local tax, city tax, state tax?