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Are you draining oil prematurely or disposing an oil filter that still has life in it? If you haven’t examined drain intervals in awhile, chances are you might be throwing money away.  These days, with supply chain issues continuing to make finding parts a challenge, there’s even more of an incentive for fleets to take

A New Breed of Air Filter, Built to Do More in the U.S.A.

In today’s heavy-duty industry, it’s rare to find a product that is designed, developed, tested and built in the U.S.A. Finer-Flow continues Luber-finer’s long-standing tradition of creating innovative filtration technology at our U.S.-based research, development and manufacturing centers. This new line of heavy-duty engine air filter is the result of years of exploration in new

Using technology to plan your fleet’s filter needs and maintain peak operating efficiency

More and more each day, we rely on technology to assist us in our lives. From thermostats that automatically adjust the temperature in our homes based on our schedules to fitness trackers that monitor our physical activity, we are enjoying unprecedented levels of usefulness from various gadgets, mobile apps and other electronic devices. However, for

Fuels and lubes column
The lowdown on engine components

A growing trend when it comes to engine oil is that many fleets are employing extended oil drain intervals for their trucks. This can be a time- and cost-saving practice, but only if your trucks are in an application that supports extended oil drain intervals. If it does end up being a smart move to go with extended oil drain intervals, know that your filtration system can handle it.

New module added to Luber-finer University

A new module has been added to Luber-finer University, the filter company’s free online education program for distributors, point-of-sale associates and others who work in the heavy-duty industry. Module 6 of the training tool, which can be accessed from any internet-connected device, educates users about the art of outside filtration sales and the vital role

Identifying and fixing heavy-duty truck filter issues

Today’s heavy-duty engines have evolved to incorporate modern technology and to adhere to emissions regulations—and that means their components have had to evolve with them. From a maintenance standpoint, one result of this is that when a problem comes up, it’s not so simple to determine the root cause. Say, for instance, you think there’s

Hydraulic filtration: Three things to look for

For fleets, the difference between profit and loss often depends on keeping operating costs low by making sure all systems within your vehicles are delivering peak performance. One important system that is sometimes overlooked is a truck’s hydraulic system. Quality, reliable hydraulic filtration is vital to reducing wear, guarding against system failure and achieving maximum

Luber-finer introduces extended life oil filter for the Cummins ISX engine

Luber-finer introduced the LFP9001XL oil filter designed for the Cummins ISX engine. According to Luber-finer, the XL (Extended Life) version of Luber-finer’s LFP9001 full flow oil filter features a 100% synthetic filter media that keeps oil flowing smoothly while delivering enhanced filter efficiency over a longer time period. “An oil filter should only be judged

Filters for all seasons: Luber-finer talks seasonal filter spec’ing

Now that spring has sprung, noses will run, eyes will itch and throats will scratch. Yes, Mother Nature’s warmer temperatures have resuscitated the flora that has lain dormant during the winter months, but the more temperate days and nights have also awakened the pollen that can be the cause of so many springtime allergy symptoms.

How fuel filters impact engine health

Fuel is the lifeblood that runs through the heart of your tractor—the engine—sending power into the truck’s component circulatory system. The key to your equipment’s on-highway heart health lies in the engine getting plenty of exercise as it rolls towards its million-mile goal, and to make sure it’s fed the cleanest diesel fuel possible. The

Luber-finer releases MXM Nano Tech air filters

Luber-finer has introduced its new MXM Nano Tech air filters. Offering 99.99% overall filtration efficiency, the Luber-finer MXM Nano Tech air filters remove airborne contaminants and protect heavy duty engines, the company said. Luber-finer’s new Nano Tech media, according to the company, is designed to keep contaminants at the surface of the filter media and away from the engine. The MXM

The importance of oil filtration

Lube oil is one of those crucial aspects of truck engine life. It keeps the engine running by reducing friction, removes heat from the engine, and carries debris to the filters. Thus it makes sense that the engine’s filtration system would be similarly important. The filter prevents dirt, carbon, and metal particles from doing damage