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Don’t forget your technology when looking at preventive maintenance

Maintaining technologies is just as important to a fleet’s bottom line as scheduled preventive maintenance is for trucks as a whole. While fleets routinely implement preventive maintenance programs for systems and components they do not generally give enough consideration to developing a similarly detailed plan for how their technologies will be maintained. And that’s unfortunate

Stock up on brake system seasonal maintenance tips

None of us want to think about it, but winter is coming, and the chemical slurries that coat the road cling to your vehicle’s undercarriage and gnaw away at any intrusions. This causes rust and premature failure of components like brake pads. “But I just replaced those pads!” you yell, cursing Jack Frost. The question

Solving the diagnostic mystery with root cause analysis

Getting stuck on the same questions can leave you in a state of frustration. Attempting to unravel seemingly never-ending mysteries can feel like an endless loop of defeat. Maybe what you assume to be an easy fix turns into a head scratcher or the standard repair you’ve done a dozen times, simply isn’t giving you

The aftermarket e-commerce impact on truck service

The battle to find truck parts has never been greater. Supply chain shortages and trucks that have grown long in the tooth have increased the truck service stakes. Uptime is paramount, but how do you keep your trucks on the road when you can’t get the right part to the right place at the right

What’s the deal with diesel engine DEF sensor downtime?

The only thing worse than starting your vehicle and seeing warning lights appear on your dash is finding out about the problem while you’re on the road. As inconvenient as they are, these lit up symbols act as warnings that if things remain overlooked, the next destination for your truck will be the repair shop. 

6 Tips To Improve Work Truck Ergonomics and Tech Comfort  

For service technicians, the setup and design of their trucks can affect efficiency, comfort and safety, and access to the tools and equipment they need to get work done.  The choices that fleet managers make when specifying a work truck impact play a key role in all of these factors, and it’s not only safety

Noregon upgraded JPRO Professional

Noregon has released JPRO Professional 2022 v2, which the company says is the second major update of the year for its in-shop diagnostic and troubleshooting tool. New purchases include the latest version and existing subscribers can update at no additional cost via the software or the company’s website. JPRO’s visual inspection report has been updated

The (EV)olution of vehicle maintenance

As time goes on, more and more ways of doing something are being discovered and while that sounds great, it can be hard to keep up with the constantly evolving trends. When EVs were first introduced, it was anticipated that the maintenance and service needs would diminish due to lack of fluids, moving parts and aftermarket

Heavy-haul truck trailer maintenance tips

Let’s start here: Safety is paramount, right? If you’re a fleet manager working in the heavy-haul world, you’re certainly familiar with the safety operation requirements of your trailers. But how do you effectively stay on top of it? Well, the key to effective, long-term preventative trailer maintenance is not necessarily a checklist of tasks —

You need to update your truck shop software

Software updates are important practices we should all be doing and not just with our phones. It’s important that your shop’s diagnostic and scan tools operate on the latest version in order to properly repair all makes, models and components. If your truck shop scan tools and service software solutions don’t have the latest software

The processes that make truck dealers great partners

Right now, with supply chain challenges continuing and new equipment order boards as tight as they are, a great truck dealer relationship is worth its weight in productive truck equipment gold. Leveraging partnerships gets work done and keeps you ahead of your competition. There’s a lot that goes into it. You have to find the

Finding the right truck data to improve service operations

Finding the right information with so many data points streaming off of your trucks can be like playing a really frustrating game of “Where’s Waldo?” The multitude of dashboards that are being updated constantly can become very saturated with information and hard to ingest. There are a ton of answers – but which one is correct