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Bendix talks future of driver assistance systems

There are more than 200,000 forward collision warning and mitigation systems from Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems on the road, with each generation of the technology more powerful and effective than the last. Wingman Fusion is Bendix’s flagship collision mitigation system, due to its deep integration of both camera and radar sensors. “Over the past five

What’s next for collision mitigation systems?

Like most equipment, the collision mitigation systems available today are the stepping stone to the more evolved systems tomorrow. We asked members of four makers of collision mitigation systems what’s on the horizon. Fred Andersky, director of government and industry affairs, and director of customer solutions, controls for Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems: “Expect to see continuing

Meritor WABCO OnGuard
How to calculate collision mitigation system ROI

Let’s get the obvious, and most easily answered, question out of the way: Do advanced radar- and camera-based collision mitigation systems work? Yes. These systems are reducing both the severity of accidents and the accidents themselves. WABCO reported that its OnGuard collision mitigation technology has reduced rear-end accidents by up to 87%, according to Jon

Watch: Detroit Assurance safety system demonstration

Detroit unveiled it’s new, proprietary safety system called Detroit Assurance, which combines Active Brake Assist (ABA) with Adaptive Cruise Control for collision mitigation and to reduce severity of accidents. Check out the video above of the Detroit Assurance system in action with Brad Williamson, manager, engine and component marketing for Daimler Trucks North America, behind

Detroit Assurance introduction focuses on safety

“If you look at some of the things that have been happening in our industry, safety is becoming more and more of an issue to make sure that drivers are safe, the public is safe and equipment is safe,” Brad Williamson, manager, engine and component marketing for Daimler Trucks North America, said to a room

Detroit Assurance Radar