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Sensata Technologies releases tire mounted sensor

Sensata Technologies has developed a new tire mounted sensor for vehicle and tire OEMs to deliver enhanced safety, performance, and data insights. Sensata’s tire mounted sensor is the next step in the evolution of tire sensing, leveraging tires as the single point of contact with the road to deliver new insights, beyond just pressure and temperature. Sensata’s

Sensata Technologies, Lithium Balance debuts battery management system

Sensata Technologies debuted a new Battery Management System (BMS), the Lithium Balance n3-BMS, for high voltage applications at the Battery Show North America. The Lithium Balance n3-BMS is aimed at applications with power up to 1,000 volts/2,000 amps, especially for battery makers and manufacturers of electric trucks, buses, and other heavy commercial vehicles, the company noted.

Sensata Technologies develops Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Sensata Technologies announced it has developed a new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for vehicle OEMs. Sensata’s new BLE TPMS leverages its tire pressure monitoring sensors by replacing the ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio with BLE radio to enable two-way communication. These new BLE TPMS solutions are available in both clamp-in and snap-in configurations, are

Mack Trucks launches PreView collision warning technology

Mack Trucks announced the Sensata Technologies PreView multi-sensor collision warning system is now available for order on the Mack LR, Mack LR Electric and Mack TerraPro models. Mack made the announcement at WasteExpo 2022, May 9-12, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. Sensata uses four radar sensors–one on the front, one on the rear, and one on each

SmartWitness debuts modular road-facing/driver-facing dashcam

SmartWitness, recently acquired by Sensata Technologies, is bringing modular flexibility to video telematics with the new KP2 dashcam, a compact road-facing camera with a snap-on driver-facing option enabling commercial fleets to add driver-facing video at any time with no wiring changes, no added installation cost and no downtime, the company says. The KP2 includes a

Sensata Technologies releases new Smart-Tactor Contactors

Sensata Technologies announced the availability of the new GXC and MXC series of Smart-Tactor contactors with CAN bus communication, which the company says provide data for improved system performance, reliability and diagnostics in military, battery system, energy storage, commercial vehicle and industrial applications. Built on the GX and MX series from Sensata’s GIGAVAC product brand, this new series of

How’s the trucking decarbonization journey coming?

In the opening days of 2021, Shell and Deloitte published a joint 104-page study on how to decarbonize the road freight sector called Decarbonizing Road Freight: Getting in Gear. In the study, more than 70% of the 158 freight-leading interviewees – from logistics companies to vehicles manufacturers to regulators–said they consider decarbonization as either the

Sensata Technologies launches an aftermarket website

Sensata’s new website contains marketing and technical information about the company’s OEM products that are available in the aftermarket to selected channels for heavy-duty industries. Before the launch of the new aftermarket site, interested parties only had Sensata’s corporate, OEM-focused website that contained information on many products that are not currently available to the aftermarket.

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Sensata announces megawatt charging solution for heavy-duty electric vehicles

Sensata Technologies announced its new high-voltage junction box solutions provide safe and reliable protection and power distribution for high power charging of commercial electric vehicles. The solutions include DC Charging Boxes that support megawatt charging of medium and heavy-duty electric trucks up to 850 volts and 1300 amps. Combining Sensata’s contactor, fuse and controller technologies

Hendrickson Watchman trailer wheel-end sensor technology launch plans move forward

Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems is moving forward with launch plans for Watchman wheel-end sensor technology for trailers that operate on the vehicle area network developed by Sensata Technologies. The initial product offering will include trailer tire pressure and wheel-end temperature data that is communicated to the fleet via the trailer telematics system. It is

Pitstop announces Series A round of funding

Pitstop, an automotive predictive maintenance platform, recently announced a Series A round of funding led by Sensata Technologies, with participation from existing investors Ripple Ventures and Hike Ventures. The company says Pitstop will use the funds to expand market reach, enhance product features and build additional prediction algorithms for the automotive industry. The amount of

Hendrickson launches Watchman trailer wheel-end sensing technology

Hendrickson has introduced Watchman advanced wheel-end sensor technology for trailers that operates on the vehicle area network developed by Sensata Technologies. The initial product offering will include trailer tire pressure monitoring, wheel-end temperature and wheel-end vibration data that will be communicated to the fleet through the tractor telematics system pulling the trailer.