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International makes Truck-Lite mirrors, headlights standard on LT Series

International Trucks will offer two components from Truck-Lite Co. as standard offerings on the International LT Series of heavy-duty trucks: the main mirror, located on the doors of the truck, and custom LED headlights. The fender mirror, located on the hood of the truck, and halogen headlights will also be available as options. “The LT

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Truck-Lite releases 6-in. combination lamp

Truck-Lite Co. has added the Model 60 stop/turn/tail and back-up (S/T/T & BU) combination lamp to its 60 Series line. Performing the functions of two lamps in one unit, the Model 60 S/T/T & BU is available in flange, surface or grommet mounts. The lamp also features hardwired connector options for thin depth applications, and

Truck-Lite introduces Light-Out Detection System

Truck-Lite Co. has introduced the Light-Out Detection System, which utilizes a newly developed microprocessor technology that monitors the LED safety lighting system on trailers. This new product will improve safety while protecting against CSA violations and downtime, according to Truck-Lite. The system is installed on each trailer as part of the SAE J560 nose box assembly

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Lights, camera, action: Avoiding CSA violations with proper lighting

Onboard safety systems continue to evolve, and while new lighting, onboard cameras and other systems add safety for drivers, cargo, and highway traffic, they also can be vulnerable to damage and failure—actions that may find vehicles pulled over for CSA violations. Vehicle light compliance “CSA compliance doesn’t begin with the driver, or even the maintenance

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When it comes to parasitic loads, don’t forget about lighting

Batteries may be the item most affected by hotel and parasitic loads, but they’re far from the only aspect of the truck affected. Spec’ing the proper lights is also crucial to the truck’s electrical stability. Most lighting manufacturers recommend LED lighting as the best option, as it draws significantly less power from the truck; while

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Inoperable truck lighting attracts the wrong kind of attention

Having an inoperable vehicle lamp is like waving a red flag and just asking to be pulled over. Lamp failures are easy to spot, even from afar, and while a vehicle is stopped for the lighting infraction, a more thorough CSA roadside inspection will likely happen. Hours may lapse before a vehicle gets back on

Truck-Lite expands LED product line

Truck-Lite Co. released 18 new LED products to its Signal-Stat line. The new product expansion can help reduce customer costs while maintaining Signal-Stat quality standards, including full epoxy potting to protect the circuit board, according to the company. “We want to get LED lighting on every truck on the road. In the long run, LEDs