Lights, camera, action: Avoiding CSA violations with proper lighting
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Lights, camera, action: Avoiding CSA violations with proper lighting



Onboard safety systems continue to evolve, and while new lighting, onboard cameras and other systems add safety for drivers, cargo, and highway traffic, they also can be vulnerable to damage and failure—actions that may find vehicles pulled over for CSA violations.

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Vehicle light compliance

“CSA compliance doesn’t begin with the driver, or even the maintenance department,” says Mitchell Wilston, communications and product specialist for Truck-Lite. “It begins with spec’ing compliant lights. Purchasing from a legitimate supplier is the first step in ensuring compliance.”

Wilston goes on to say that pilot inspection is also important: “If a good spec is step one, step two is making sure the product is being properly installed. This means connectors are being snapped in properly, making sure that there is enough, but not too much, wire leading up to each component. We like to recommend that key suppliers have an opportunity to get involved.”


New lighting developments add to vehicle safety and help avoid CSA violations. Optronics continues to expand its GloLight product line with the introduction of the new STL112 6-in. oval and STL113 4-in. round LED stop, tail, turn lamps and its E-rated STL175 oval mid-ship turn and intermediate marker lamp.

The new STL112 6-in. oval and STL113 4-in. round LED stop, tail, turn (S/T/T) lamps have been designed with distinctive mirrored reflectors optimize their light output. The STL113 4-in. round lamps feature a unique, starburst light pattern emanating from the center of the lamp.


“When it comes to truck and utility bodies and medium-duty work trailers,” says Mark Assenmacher, director of marketing for Peterson Manufacturing Co., “the latest development in lighting is incorporating a backup light function into an LED S/T/T light—a true ‘two-in- one’ lighting concept; thereby reducing the number of lamps on a truck body and allowing retrofits of backup lights on trailers not so equipped.”

Peterson recently expanded its LumenX LED line with a new S/T/T light featuring an integrated back-up lamp. The new model embeds a small white lens with in the main red LumenX lens, allowing one of the seven diodes to provide DOT-legal backup functionality. Peterson’s new two-in-one lights are available in standard 4-in. round and 6-in. oval footprints, with grommet and flange mounting options.


These new trailer lighting developments can help prevent CSA lighting violations for non-functioning lights, notes Assenmacher.

“As you know, lighting continues to be the leading CSA Vehicle Maintenance violation category for fleets,” he says. “A major cause of non-functioning lights stems from corrosion entering either the trailers wire harness system or the connectors on the lamps.

“One tip in fighting corrosion and preventing CSA lighting violations is to specify a totally sealed, quality LED lighting/harness system on new equipment purchases,” he continues. “Preferably this system will be from one supplier for both lights and harnesses to ensure that the systems’ components work together. An integrated system provides the best protection against severe road conditions and harsh, chemical road-treatments that wreak havoc on fleet equipment.”


Collision mitigation

Preco’s collision mitigation systems identify objects in the vehicle’s blind zones and actively alert the operator with audible and visual alerts. Preco’s object detection systems are installed at the OEM level, or as an aftermarket upgrade in various heavy-duty vehicle industries. The suite of customizable solutions is built around its patented object detection radar and is supported with integrated cameras and monitor systems, in-cab active monitors and external alarms.

Rearview mirror monitor

One of the best ways to avoid accidents is to eliminate blind spots. ASA Electronics offers the Voyager Replacement Rearview Mirror Monitor, which reveals vehicle blind spots that are displayed on rearview mirrors. According to the company, it also helps drivers change lanes and merge into traffic with displays of real time images, according to the company.


The monitor includes a 7-in. TFT LCD screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It supports three camera inputs for rear and side camera applications and is a replacement option for rearview mirrors on Ford, GM, Dodge and Sprinter chassis.

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