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Hauling innovation: Wabash National stays focused on advancing trailer technologies

Advanced aerodynamics. Lighter weight construction materials. Increased efficiency. You expect those descriptions to fit the latest and greatest tractors, but what we’re actually describing are the latest trailer advancements offered by Wabash National this past year. Skeptics who would say that the rolling white boxes attached to tractors haven’t changed much in the past several

Top trailer spec’ing tips: Reducing weight, increasing efficiency

The trailer is a key component to trucking’s total operational efficiency. It deserves as much consideration as the tractor when it comes to spec’ing and buying. While the trailer’s outward appearance hasn’t changed drastically in recent years, save for the addition of aerodynamic devices, the materials and option have evolved to meet narrow fleet margins

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Wabash National renews agreement with Maxion Wheels

Maxion Wheels has been chosen again by trailer manufacturer Wabash National Corp. as the standard position steel wheel supplier for its full line of high-performance commercial trailer products, including dry and refrigerated van trailers, platform trailers and tank trailers. This is the third consecutive long-term agreement between Wabash and Maxion. “Maxion Wheels has earned its position as our preferred

Wabash National’s all-composite refrigerated trailer hits the road

BASF and Wabash National Corp. have developed the industry’s first all-composite refrigerated trailer with increased thermal efficiency. “The global cold chain market is growing in excess of 15% annually. Building off Wabash National’s vision, BASF identified the best material combination to allow Wabash National to disruptively innovate in this growing space,” said Jim Reddy, the market development

Wabash National unveils prototype composite refrigerated van

Wabash National Corp. has unveiled its prototype composite refrigerated van, which utilizes its new, proprietary molded structural composite technology. In refrigerated van trailer and truck body applications, the molded structural composite technology provides up to 25% improvement in thermal performance and is up to 20% lighter, compared to conventional designs, while significantly improving puncture and damage resistance,

Wabash National introduces new rear impact guard

Wabash National Corp. introduced a new rear impact guard design option for its 53-ft. dry van trailers at the American Trucking Associations’ Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) annual meeting in Nashville, Tenn. The RIG-16 Rear Underride Guard System is engineered to prevent underride in multiple offset, or overlap, impact scenarios, the company said. “Safety is our

The latest options for medium-duty truck bodies

When spec’ing medium-duty truck bodies, it helps to know all of your options. Here is a handy guide to the latest offerings from several major truck body manufacturers. Hercules Manufacturing Co. offers 8- to 30-ft. dry freight bodies in aluminum and FRP designs. Options include walk ramps, lift gates, platforms, steps, insulation packages, hardwood, steel,

The right fit: Spec’ing medium-duty truck bodies

“Understanding fleet needs is key to getting the truck you require,” says Eric McNally, vice president of sales for Reading Truck Body. “The right approach goes beyond just the right truck body. It takes into consideration work environments, operator safety and productivity, and ancillary equipment needs.” “Developing a specification to meet our customers’ needs is

How to save fuel with improved truck and trailer aerodynamics

When running a heavy-duty fleet, there’s no such thing as small savings. Even a seemingly small percentage of fuel economy saved can add up to thousands of dollars and be the difference between a profitable fleet and one that lags behind the competition. That’s why a large variety of aerodynamic products are available to help

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Wabash National introduces AeroFin XL tail device

Wabash National Corp. has expanded its trailer aerodynamic solutions product line with its fifth device designed to significantly improve trailer aerodynamics and fuel economy: the AeroFin XL tail device. The AeroFin XL directs airflow across the rear of the trailer to reduce aerodynamic drag. The device deploys and retracts automatically with swing door operation, requiring no

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New choices: Wabash National rolls out new truck body lineup

During the International Food service Distributors Association (IFDA) Distribution Solutions Conference in late October, a new player entered the market for Class 6 and 7 truck bodies. While hardly new to the industry, this will be Wabash National Corp.’s first line of dry and refrigerated truck bodies based on the technologies it employs in its

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Wabash National introduces dry, refrigerated truck body line

Wabash National Corp. has announced that it will introduce its first line of high-performance dry and refrigerated truck bodies. The truck bodies are designed to reduce fleets’ maintenance costs, enhance productivity and maximize the life of equipment. “We’re very conscious of a shift happening in the trucking industry fueled by re-urbanization and e-commerce trends. Our mission

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